pendant light kit how to install recessed lighting between floors | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-11

Adding insert lights to the finished room is not as difficult as it looks.In most cases, the light kit is designed to fit in the finished space, so the amount of cutting required for the wiring process is minimized.The most difficult part of the project is to make sure the lights are aligned correctly and run the cables above the ceiling.Find the available branch circuit used as a power supply.Connecting to an existing circuit through a socket is easier than connecting the wire from the breaker box to the new fixture.Mark the position of the recessed lamp on the ceiling.Make sure the lights are aligned using chalk lines.Cut on walls and ceilings.Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the size of the recessed lamp hole.You need enough space to fix the fixed box on the ceiling beam.The hole of the wall switch is right above, the ceiling meets the wall, cutting an access hole for the running cable.Remove the base plate between the source power outlet and the electric light switch hole and cut the small access hole at the bottom of the wall under the socket and switch.Install the hardware.Most embedded lighting kits come with a fixture box that is fixed on the light, making it easier to hang the fixture.Attach the box--This is where the wires are connected and where the hanging lights are ---The beam on the ceiling.Do not rely on the ceiling to support the weight of the lamp.Stick the switch box on the dry wall.Remove the source power outlet from its box to access the wire.Connect the wire from the power supply to the switch.Run two-From the source socket goes down through the access hole, in the gap between the drywall and the floor, up through the switch access hole and into the switch box.In order for the wire to pass through, you may need to drill holes or cut through the channel through the wall post.Metal-The sheath (BX) cable is used to protect the wire from the damage of the finishing nail of the substrate.Run wires from switch to light.Feed the fish tape through the ceiling entrance hole on the ceiling to the first fixed box.Attach two-Connect the Nano cable to the fish belt and pull it back to you.Put the wire down to the switch box.Use fish tape to wire from the first fixed box line to the second fixed box line, and so on.When you're done, there are two black, two white and two ground wires for each fixture box, except for the last one.Cut off the power of the circuit.Connect at the power supply and switch.Connect the black wire to the brass terminal of the source socket and the white wire to the silver terminal.Connect the two white lines together at the switch and connect the two black lines to the terminals on the switch.Connect the ground wire together and ground the circuit to the switch box.Lighting connection.Connect the white line in the fixture box to the white line on the lamp set.Do the same for black wires.In addition to the last light, there will be three wires of each color attached to each light.Ground each lamp on its fixed box.Patch the channel hole with a dry wall repair kit.
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