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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-16
Whether the weather is cool or warm, there is nothing better than the golden light.Lyngard face Lustered, $900.Crafted from fine bone porcelain, this gorgeous light fixture features a rainbow glaze that changes color depending on the light in the room.Body peel, $59.95.This horny care is part of the Gold Collection, gently removing the built inDry flaky skin to make it look younger, more energetic, soft and radiant.
Small Sun earrings, $395.
Inspired by the solar system and Greek art, these golden brass earrings are a perfect addition to your spring/summer styling.The body of "Shining Stars" shines for $39.95.This body oil can moisturize your skin and is rich in vitamins and minerals to make it golden and glowing just like you just came back from your vacation.
Gillie Gold shoes, $230.
Who says you can't shine from head to foot?These striking brothers make sure you do that.Amber LED candles in Amber from $19.95.These votive candles are available in three sizes and are a great way to create mood lighting and look the most effective way to gather together.Light shine spray treatment, $42.95.This light finishing mist adds beautiful luster and bright luster to the hair, without residue or weight.
Great SPF 50 sunscreen spray for $49.
The most popular in production-Artists, this moisture-rich, colored shimmer provides a broad spectrum of protection for the skin and flashes of light to gain a matte finish.Rose quartz face roller for $29.95.Very popular in the beauty world, applying gentle pressure when rolling tools up and out can reduce edema and deficiencyeye circles.Holographic water bottle, $29.95.A lovely water bottle that allows the tap water to have a glowing lift.
Ice cream night light, $9.
Decorate the children's bedroom with some delicious decorations and create a summer atmosphere with golden light.The opera Redstone rose gold ring is made of silk and steel, $299.This stop cocktail ring showcases a moon stone that glows on your skin and is made in rose gold and looks amazing.
Tan, 17 dollars a day.
Packed with reflective particles, instantly glowing, ideal for the face and body, easy to wash off with soap and warm water.$54 smart life in the shade of black wicker.50.This decorative wall sconce comes with a timer that can omit soft light for four hours.
Luminous inhalation, $52.
Through its unique mixture of vitamins and minerals, help to heal and repair hair, skin and nails to support the production of collagen and crystalline tissue
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