old chandelier How to Redo Old Chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
old chandelier How to Redo Old Chandeliers
As your polished brass chandelier for breakfast and dining area gets stale and Poland begins to fade, you may find yourself wandering around the lighting aisle in the home improvement center, want new lights to hang in their own position.Instead of spending money on a new chandelier, repaint your old chandelier.New paint, some cheap items and your creative imagination can turn your old chandelier into a chandelier that is more suitable for your decoration and taste.Turn off the circuit breaker of the chandelier.Lean the contactless voltage sensor against the chandelier light switch.If you don't turn off the chandelier switch, the sensor will beep and flash.Remove the two screws from the chandelier canopy, release them from the ceiling box and reveal the wires.Wrap the masking tape around the chandelier wires attached to the black ceiling box wires.Unlock the wire connector that holds the chandelier wire to the ceiling box wire.Release the chandelier from the ceiling.Move the chandelier to a solid working surface.Insert the claws on a pair of chain pliers into the link connecting the chain to the top of the chandelier.Squeeze the handle of the chain supplier, open the link and release the chain from the chandelier.Grab the canopy and remove the chain and canopy from the chandelier and the electric line.Look on the back of the canopy for the locking nut that holds the screw collar ring to the canopy.The screw ring connects the chain to the canopy.Remove the lock nut, loosen the screw ring and pull it out of the canopy.Wrap the painter's tape around the thread of the screw collar.Wrap the chandelier bulb socket with the adhesive tape of the painter to protect the internal and electrical connection of the socket.Spread old sheets or newspapers on the large, flat surface of the wellVentilation area.Place the chain, chandelier and canopy on a newspaper or paper.Mix a tank of paint by shaking for about a minute.Choose the color that is designed for the painting of metal and matches your decor or taste.Hold the spray tank from the surface of the chandelier, chain and canopy about 10 to 16 inch.Cover the surface of the item using short and stable strokes.Let the paint dry.Turn the chandelier and chain over to reveal any unpainted surface.Draw the item again using the same short and stable Stoke.Apply two to three layers of paint on the chandelier, chain and canopy until you are satisfied with the color and coverage of the chandelier and its components.After the paint is dry, remove the painter's tape from the socket on the screw ring and thread.Remove the plastic socket candle holder base cover from the socket.These covers slide down from the socket without force.Hold an original candle holder base cover next to the new socket candle holder base cover.Mark and cut the new bottom cover with scissors to make it equal to the length of the original.Slide the new base cover over the socket.Insert the thread of the screw ring into the canopy.Fix the screw ring with the lock nut you removed in the previous step.Weave the wires attached to the top of the chandelier into the chain and out the chain until you can pass the wires through the screw ring and canopy.Connect the open chain link by connecting to the ring at the top of the chandelier.Place the open link behind the jaw of the chain clamp.Connect the chain to the chandelier and squeeze the handle of the chain supplier to close the loop.Connect your chandelier cord marked with masking tape to the black wire in the ceiling box.Use the wire connector removed in the previous step to connect the two wires together.Connect the remaining wires with the remaining wire connectors.Lean the canopy against the ceiling.Fix the chandelier to the ceiling using canopy screws.Paint on a small brush.Paint the canopy screw head to match the canopy.Install the candle holder bulb on the chandelier.Attach 4-inch clip-On the lampshade of the bulb.Wrap the ribbon, beads or green plants around the arms, body and chain to complete the transformation.
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