old chandelier How to Dress Up an Old Chandelier With Beads

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
old chandelier How to Dress Up an Old Chandelier With Beads
Decorate an old, boring chandelier with beads to make it look new.Translucent glass beads allow light to pass through and add luster.If transparent or translucent beads are used, please combine them with UV-Resistant to single silk fishing line, to create a long-lasting pearl hanging light line.Looking closely at the jewelry department of the local crafts store, you can find a large number of beads and jewelry discoveries, which is perfect for creating your own chandelier decorations.Some stores sell pre-A line made of beads and gadgets;Just add a hook or ring to the chandelier.In order to imitate the elegance of crystal chandelier without crystal, the arc clear glass beads are hung up from the arm of the chandelier, use the jump ring and jewelry hook to fix the line on the chandelier chain or part of the metal below a single lamp holder.Use the large beads near the bottom, the smaller beads on the top to replace the bead size on each chain for extra size.Add a wine-or champagne-The chandelier is inspired by translucent glass beads in red, ginger or light pink.Mix some artificial grape leaves with shredded flowers on the chandelier arm for extra results.Choose Pearl as another choice for eleganceOn a color-like chandelier, stylish Milky beads in white or silver, blue or pink tones.Please stay away from the bulb, socket and electrical connection for safety.For a candle holder-Style chandelier, each lamp has a small shadow, string up with its own beads.Use a few braceletsLength strands of transparent glassSphere beads on each shadow, attach one end of each line to the other several inches along the bottom edge of the shadow, so that these lines produce a soft, symmetrical arc.Attach a small ear ring hook or jump ring to the end of each line, pass through the fabric or paper shadow, or after removing the curtain from the chandelier first, drill the small hole along the bottom edge of the metal tone.Create ombre-An arc is formed by using light and dark translucent beads in the same chain, such as wine through light pink or transparent.To get the edge effect, attach several glass beads to the head pin on one end, French earrings on the other end Hook, Hook the hanging decorations around each inch, etc. spacing around each shadowTurn the chandelier--even a non-Function 1--Color ceiling accessories for children or youth rooms using metal Mardi-Gras-Pearl necklace.Cut a circle in each circle and turn the necklace into a string;Then apply a little hot glue on the arm of the chandelier, right below the area of the lamp socket.Wrap a string of beads tightly around the arm of the chandelier and work along the chandelier.Add more hot glue every few inches and add it again at the end of each chain.By working up each chandelier arm with a string of red colors, then orange, then yellow, creating a rainbow effect, or repeat on each arm of the chandelier using two stripes of the same color.Wrap the wider area where the chandelier arm meets with beads.For an ocean-or sky-Inspired room, wrapped chandelier in different shades of blue including the seaGreen chain of water.Give a natural chandelier-Use beads made of wood, seed pods, or nuts for an inspired makeover.Beads made from coconut shells, betel nuts or kukui nuts show patterns reminiscent of animal patterns, which are exotic.Wrap the chandelier arm tightly with a string of small round beads to hide the metal frame.Create an arc between the arm and the top of the chandelier using a string of wooden or shell beads, select several larger coordinated beads to create the earrings-Design hanging decorations for each chain.
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