oil rubbed bronze chandelier How to Paint Brass Beds

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
oil rubbed bronze chandelier How to Paint Brass Beds
Apply a new coat of paint to an outdated brass bed and look brand new.Choose a paint color that can enhance the decoration and fixtures of the bedroom.For example, if you have oilAccent of the bedroom, choose a complementary bronze paint color.Cover the bed frame with white paint to enhance the cottage decoration or update the modern look with black paint.Use this guide to inject new life into your outdated brass bed frame.Before starting this project, put a large plastic drop cloth or a waterproof cloth from the painter.It's better to do this project outdoors.If you need to work indoors, open the windows first and ventilate.Remove the brass bed on the painter waterproof cloth with a screwdriver.Place the screws in a small bag to avoid misplacement.Clean each part of the brass bed frame with a rag soaked in warm soapy water.Remove stubborn grease and dirt with a hard scrub brush.Wash the soap solution and loose dirt using an outdoor hose.If you don't have a hose, fill the bucket a few times with clear water and rinse it clean.Let the bed stand dry completely.Use 100-gently hit any rough point on the grinding machine partsgrit sandpaper.Wipe the polished dust residue with a wet rag.Spray metal furniture primer on the bed frame before painting.This provides a better adhesive surface for the paint.Allow the primer to dry to contact;Depending on the humidity level and air temperature, it takes only a few minutes to dry sometimes.Keep the spray painting about 12 inch away from the bed frame and spray it with extensive scanning actions.Apply the enamel paint in the color selection on each bed frame part.Keep the paint about 12 inch away from the bed frame to provide a more uniform coverage.Spray gently back and forth to avoid saturating the bed frame with dripping paint.Let the first layer of paint dry to the touch.Apply the second layer of paint and let it dry.Apply extra paint before you are satisfied with the insurance.Reassemble the bed frame.
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