oil rubbed bronze chandelier Can You Mix Fixture Metals?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
oil rubbed bronze chandelier Can You Mix Fixture Metals?
Fixed metal usually shows different base or base colors, so an effective way to mix metal is to repeat the fixed color with the same tone of hardware while picking up the color of another metal.Another way to mix metal is to use fixtures and hardware with the same base color, such as cool pewter and cool chrome or antiquesgold and oil-There is a piece of red bronze.Orange background.A similar end provides another unified element.The chrome faucet is paired with the green nickel hardware, mixed with the cream cabinet, and the lamps of the green nickel add cohesion.Polished gold has chrome gloss, and when the faucet and chandelier are Chrome, you can connect different metals with polished gold hardware with a shiny gold frame.Fixing device in oilRub bronze with lighter antique gold and coordinate with hardware;It's all red.Orange background.Oil faucet if cabinet is light-The old golden faucet was active with dark wood furniture.If oil-The rubbed bronze hardware base is red and the rose gold faucet provides a smooth transition.Brushed nickel has a green base color, which will appear warm when mixed with yellow gold fixtures, such as yellowGolden chandelier, coordinated with faucets and hardware with green brushed nickel.Yellow Frame-Gold or gold silver is added to the range of green nickel and yellowgold tones.
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