modern pendant lighting House of the Week: 32 Denison Rd, West Launceston

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-16
Sitting above the city, this magnificent modern townhouse has an amazing northern flavor and is a perfect blend of industrial fashion, modern style and rustic charm.The design concept of the creator is to use real functional materials such as pure wool carpet, wood, steel and non-toxic oil-Based on the end, not the person-Sustainable development of productsxa0And as friendly as possible users.The entrance to the passage sets the tone for the property and is a unified mix of wood and fabricated steel.
Once you enter twoxa0Two bedroomsxa0Family bathroomxa0You will enjoy the warm sunshineFull of open living spaces (designed for passive solar heating), industrial style kitchens, incredible views of CBD and mountains, insulated and polished concrete floors, sliding barn doors, and navigation pendant lighting (among themxa0Other industrial lamps ).Other features include insulation packagexa0The building in the bathroom, double glazing, thermostat controls the heating of the pipes and the heating of the touch screen floor.There are two features outside the homexa0Spacious wood deck, underground parking for twoxa0Vehicle and interior access.
This property is perfect for administrative couples, investors and those who are looking for a low maintenance home away from home, it is crafted by hand and is a truly original proposal.There is nothing to do other than move in, knowing that maintenance and power costs will be the lowest in the coming years
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