modern hanging light fixtures Installing Hanging Light Fixtures

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
modern hanging light fixtures Installing Hanging Light Fixtures
Your hanging fixture can achieve strict practical purposes and can also be hung romantically on the ceiling, but the fixture must comply with municipal electrical standards and hang firmly on solid ceiling frame members.Before purchasing and installing fixtures, consider the fixture style, installation method and structural support of the ceiling.The appropriate size and style choices ensure that the light fixtures are perfect for your home and provide attractive and safe lighting for many years.Walking into any home improvement store, you will be dazzled by a variety of complex hanging devices.However, not all fixtures are the same.A hanging fixture is a fixture that is hung on a wire, cable, or rod connected to the ceilingInstalled housing.Chandeliers, pendants and some types of ceiling fan fixtures are considered hanging lamps.The lighting manufacturer offers seemingly endless designs and colors for any type of room, decoration and color.When choosing a fixture, look into your family style and the overall atmosphere of the room.Your fixtures should reflect or enhance the overall aesthetics of the room.For example, the hanging candle holder is perfect for a formal restaurant, but looks awkward in the home office or in the laundry room.Choose the right light for the right purpose.Many municipalities comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC), a standardized compilation of guidelines for safe and practical installation and maintenance of electrical systems.NEC bans wires for hanging lampsThe connecting device above the bathtub and shower room is 3 feet horizontally and 8 feet vertically from the edge of the bathtub or the top of the shower threshold.Many new suspension fixtures are not compatible with wires installed before 1985.These lamps require wires with a rated temperature of at least 90 degrees Celsius;The old lines usually do not carry heavy loads and cause fire hazards.To determine if your wire can be used for modern fixtures, please check if your wire has "NM-B" or "UF-B "printed on the sheath or in contact with a professional electrician.Additional precautions may be required by your local building code department, so please consult them before installation to ensure that your fixtures and electrical systems meet local standards.Pendants and chandeliers can easily weigh dozens of pounds, and the rotating movement of hanging ceiling fans quickly leads to insufficient ceiling support.Most of the existing electric boxes are large enough to hold power and fixed wires, but if the electric box is lighter than 1/2Inch deep, replace it.Do not hang the light fixture from the suspended ceiling grid or any other hanging object.The electric box must be firmly fixed on a solid ceiling frame without electricity8-32 machine screws rated up to 50 pounds.Suspension with metal mounting tape--Called crossbar.-Anchor on the electric box.Make sure your box is loaded.For heavier fixtures, home improvement stores carry electric boxes with support brackets, called ceiling fan support brackets.The rated load of these special boxes exceeds 50 pounds.The support is adjustable and fixed on any two ceiling support beams to provide greater support for heavier loads.Before starting any electrical work, always turn off the power of the circuit and test the voltage with a voltage tester.Due to the large weight of the larger fixture, you may prefer the pre-Assemble the fixture before hanging.Lighting manufacturers usually provide detailed instructions for their specific models, but the basic installation system for lighting equipment consists of beams, locking nuts, screw rings, lanyard or rods, canopy and canopy nuts.The components are loosely attached together and then the crossbar is fixed to the electric box with the supplied screws.Connect the wire and cover the electric box with canopy and canopy nut.For very heavy fixtures, please ask for help from an assistant who can support the fixtures when you connect the wires and attach the fixtures to the ceiling.In general, hang a fixture of about 30 to 36 inch above a typical desktop height of 30 to 35 inch.
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