modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang Light Fixtures From a Swag Hook & Toggle Bolt

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang Light Fixtures From a Swag Hook & Toggle Bolt
Ceiling fixtures can illuminate an area without occupying floor or wall space.An example is a recessed jar that needs expensive modifications behind the ceiling if it didn't exist before.A simpler option would be to hang a light from the swa hook and toggle bolt as long as the area is close to the wall socket.Search the ceiling position near the wall with the socket, preferably the position controlled by the wall switch.Find a hollow area above the ceiling drywall and use the electronic stud finder to locate a few inches from any ceiling beam.Mark the area with a pencil.According to the direction of the package of the toggle bolt, pass through the mark with the paddle bit, which usually takes about inches.The appearance of the actual opening does not matter because it will be covered by the bottom plate of the hook.Wear goggles and dust shields to protect yourself from plaster dust.Twist the hook to the toggle bolt so that the wings of the toggle bolt point to the hook.Squeeze the wings of the toggle bolts together and pass them through the ceiling holes.Turn the hook clockwise while pulling down in order to toggle the wing to engage with the other side of the drywall.Continue to tighten the hook until it sticks to the ceiling.Hang the chain of the lighting fixture on the hook.The fixture itself should fall directly under the hook.If required, install another swa hook and toggle bolt on the ceiling near the wall.You can then also cover the chain from the second hook.The plug is hung in this part of the chain and you can plug it into the socket.Test the propagation of light by opening the fixture.Please lower the fixture if the lighting is too wide.Please INCREASE the fixture if it is too narrow.You may need to add or remove the link from the lighting device chain to adjust its total length.
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