modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang a Light Using a Hickey & Crossbar

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
modern hanging light fixtures How to Hang a Light Using a Hickey & Crossbar
If you are installing a chandelier, you will need a horizontal bar to connect the lighting to the ceiling.Hickeys is mounted on a bolt on the ceiling, used as a socket reducer, with hanging lights installed in old houses without modern sockets.Before installing a new fixture, consider the weight of the fixture.If the light is heavy, you may need to install a new outlet box on the ceiling before installing the light.Turn off the circuit breaker in your circuit breaker box to power the lamps.Place a ladder under the lamp to enter the lamp.Remove the screw fixing the old fixture with a screwdriver and remove the wire nut on the wire.Note how the wires are connected.Disconnect the wire connected to the old fixture and remove it.Place a 3/8 IP lock nut on the nipple protruding from the ceiling and pass the large end of the hiccup through the nipple.Hickey will reduce the size of the socket.Insert a 1/4 IP nipple into the smaller end of the hickey and thread a 1/4 IP lock nut at the end of the nipple.Tighten the lock nut by hand to secure it on the hickey and secure the 1/4 IP nipple.Turn the crossbar towards the raised side of the ceiling.Insert the end of the 1/4 IP nipple into the hole in the center of the bar and push the bar up to the ceiling.By inserting 1/2-install the beam on the outlet box of the ceilingInsert the inch mounting screw into the slotted hole at each end and tighten the mounting screw with a screwdriver.Place the 1/4 IP lock nut at the end of the nipple and turn clockwise with your finger until it rests on the beam.Tighten with pliers.Connect the wires in the outgoing box to the wires on the new fixture in the same way as the old fixture.Cover the end of the wire with a wire nut.Lift the canopy of the lamp and fix it on the nipple with a screw ring.If the nipple prevents the canopy from leaning against the ceiling, remove the screw collar ring and adjust the nipple in the hickey as needed.Turn on the circuit breaker and restore the power of the fixture.
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