modern hanging light fixtures How to Coordinate Ceiling Fans & Lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
modern hanging light fixtures How to Coordinate Ceiling Fans & Lights
Just like you use designer shoes, stylish scarves and matching belts to go with stylish outfits, you want real light fixturesReal estate investment to create an indoor design ensemble.If your home has ceiling fans, you have to consider its structure, hardware and lighting elements when you incorporate other light sources into the room design.In order to create a warm, friendly and stylish living space, ceiling fans and lights must be coordinated.Choose a light fixture made of materials similar to ceiling fans.If your ceiling fan is darkDyed wooden leaves, choose floor lamp with dark colorWooden base and pole.If the ceiling fan blades are metallic silver, select the desk lamp with a brushed nickel base.If your fan blade has a Wicker Pattern, incorporate the wicker table lamp into the room design.Coordinate the decoration of the room by adding textures and sheens in the ceiling fan structure throughout the space.Coordinate the hardware on ceiling fan hardware and other fixtures.Install a brushed satin chandelier on the kitchen table, coordinating with the brushed metal hardware on the ceiling fan in the living room.Place a lamp with forgingIron in the same room with a ceiling fan that has been completedIron Blade bracket.Evaluate the gloss and color of the hardware to ensure that the accessories complement the ceiling fan.Install a glass ball or glass cover on the illuminated ceiling fan to coordinate with other fixtures in the living space.White ceiling selectionIf you have milkColorful scones on your wall.Select groove ceilingIf you have an antique light with a groove tone, fan globe.Modern cylindrical glass balls add to the appeal of modern design for ceiling fans.Combine the floor lamp with the modern glass lampshade to match the modern glass ball.Select ceiling fan bulbs that complement the bulbs in other fixtures.Choose bulbs with similar power, so the table lamp and floor lamp don't look too bright or too dark compared to the bulbs in the ceiling fan.Do not mix halogen lamps with incandescent lamps.Use soft-White bulbs create a warm and warm atmosphere.By selecting items designed by the same manufacturer and with the same brand name or model name, align the ceiling fan with the light fixture.Visit local hardware stores, homewares stores or lighting stores to find coordinated styles, colors and textures.Most manufacturers offer a variety of lighting options to complement their ceiling fan designs.
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