living room light fixtures How to Decorate With Brown Furniture & Gray Walls

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
living room light fixtures How to Decorate With Brown Furniture & Gray Walls
Although Brown and Gray are naturally mixed outdoors, they seem to be less natural color combinations for indoor space.The gray walls need to be decorated to complement the brown furniture, but it is easy to do the task.In the end, the cool gray can add a subtle sense of sophistication to the warmth of the brown wood furniture.Depending on the personality and preferences of your occupants, you can play the softness or intensity of this attractive multi-functional color scheme.The gray walls and brown furniture provide a solid foundation for your renovation plan.Gray represents structure and refinement with cool male charm, while Brown adds pleasant warmth and comfort.You can then fill in any decorative blanks with almost any part of the color spectrum.If a female touch is required, consider adding lavender, blue and green tones to a wholeIn flowers or WellsProportional stripe of fabricCover the surface.You can also extend this color scheme with room accessories.Make sure to include a gray touch on other elements to avoid isolating its presence in space.Gray can set the background for the drama in a room with brown furniture.Sailing and sportsInspiration themes typically contain bold colors such as navy and red, which promote male themes when paired with gray walls.At the same time, the monochrome approach to Gray provides a full spectrum of soft tones ending in black, complemented by pewter and a cool white accent.However, a South exposed room can tilt the balance in favor of a warm, charming cast of actors.Use the floor and windows of the room as a decoration tool to effectively support the color.For example, saffron yellow, dark blue or rubies on printed or textured carpets can inject vitality into the space in new colors.At the same time, salmon and light green can be injected into the young color scheme of the active gray walls.Avoid adding another solid gray or brown surface--Unless a monochrome gray color scheme is required.Accessories and fixtures can use the warmth of brass and gold, and can also use the cooling effects of pewter and silver, equally successful.You can also consider the debris that mixes the silver and gold alternating layers together for an amazing blendMedia interpretation of the established concept of gray and brown color.Lighting, curtain hardware, sparkling tassels and decorations, and even plumbing fixtures can strengthen the impact of the wellMetal Decoration in the room.
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