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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-16

Christmas lights usually enhance the look of the home.However, if you are not careful, hanging lights can also cause permanent damage to your home, which is why some homeowners are reluctant to dress up their homes for the holidays.The trim plate located on the eve of your home may be an obstacle in the decoration process.Not only is it difficult to hang your light on the fascia with your nails or DingTalk, but it will destroy the board.Fortunately, a simple gadget can make the job easier and allow you to safely decorate your house with Christmas lights.Purchase U-Plastic hangers in shape for fixing Christmas lights on your home and fascia.Fascia is a plate that roosts under the eaves of your home and revolves around your home.The Fascia board is usually the place where the rain ditch is placed.This plastic hook often appears in a hardware store or online.Push one end of the hanger under the fascia plate or the junction where the board meets your home.It is planned to use one hook every 12 to 24 inch.So you should use 18 to 24 hooks if you have a 25 feet light.Put the Christmas light line in the middle of the hanger.Depending on the type of hanger, there may be a groove in the center where the wires are placed.Wrap the other end of the hanger around the front of the board.You can insert all the hooks into the fascia plate, then go back and cover the light, or put the light in the hook every time you insert the light into the fascia.
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