lights How to Estimate Recessed Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
lights How to Estimate Recessed Lighting
Embedded Lighting is an unobtrusive way to add lighting or highlight to the area, but can easily be underestimatedOr overestimate how many lights a space needs.This is the source of lighting estimates.By estimating your lighting needs, you can determine the number and spacing of fixtures needed to give you perfect lighting.Measure the size of the space you intend to illuminate.Multiply the width by the depth to get the square feet of the area.Multiply the square feet of the area by 1.5, this is the number of watts per square foot required for the average residential space.This will give you the total power you need for your space.Determine the type of bulb you plan to use: typical recessed bulbs use 65-Incandescent lamps in Watt.Divide the required wattage you previously calculated by the wattage of the bulb you are using.This will provide you with the number of fixtures used in the space.Evenly allocate the number of fixtures around the space, leaving equal space around it, with at least 2 feet between the fixture and the wall.Since this method is a generic estimate, you can add or remove one or two fixtures to achieve symmetry in the room.Measure the length of the item to be highlighted.For wall areas, measure the area you want to light up, and for bookcases, desks, or other surfaces, measure from one end of the item to the other.If applicable, measure the depth of the item to obtain a square foot of the surface.Use the same process of determining the area lighting to calculate the lighting requirements to decide how many insert lights to install in the space.Square feet multiplied by 1.5 and divide that number by the wattage of the fixture you intend to use.Measure the height of the ceiling where the lighting is installed, if the surface is located near the wall.Divide the height by 4 to determine how far the lamp must sit from the wall to highlight the surface without producing harsh lighting on the wall.For example, an 8-The foot wall needs to install the lights 2 feet from the wall.Even if only one is needed for the calculation, use at least two insert lights and Select bulbs with lower power.
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