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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-15

Operating outdoor Christmas lights with solar energy is an eco-friendly and cost-effective project.By converting the current Christmas lights to turn off solar energy, you can enjoy the Christmas lights without increasing your electricity bill.You can buy Christmas lights with solar energy, but they are expensive.You can also convert the outdoor lighting system to solar energy, allowing you to enjoy the use of solar energy in the outdoor living space throughout the year.Install solar panels where you can receive the most sunlight.The solar panel should be equipped with an installation kit.It is best to install solar panels on the roof of your house where it can get the most sunshine and easily route to Christmas lights.Connect the solar panel to the charging controller and then get as close as possible to the solar panel.The charging controller will have a cable that is very similar to your phone and it will plug into the output connection on the side of the solar panel.Connect the battery pack to the charging controller.The charging controller adjusts the charging to prevent the battery from overchargingcharged.Connect the positive (RED) WIRE in the battery pack to the positive (RED) WIRE on the controller.Do the same for negative (black) wires.Most charging controllers do not need to be welded, just screw it off the battery bar.The red wire needs to be attached to the pillar on the front with a plus sign on the front.The black wire is attached to the negative pillar with a negative sign in front.If there is no power switch on the solar panel or the charging controller, then do not connect the charger control to the battery until all the lines are completed.The power switch must remain off before the wiring is complete.Hang Christmas lights and decorations outdoors.Cut off the plug of the Christmas light chain closest to where the battery pack is located.About 1 inch away from the place where the plug was cut off peel off the cover outside the Christmas lights, revealing the positive (red) and negative (black) wires.Connect the negative (black) wires of the Christmas lights to the negative (black) wires of the battery pack.Carefully weld the connection to ensure its safety.Connect the positive (RED) WIRE of the Christmas light to the positive (RED) WIRE of the battery pack.Make sure the wire is welded firmly.Cover any exposed wires with black tape.Let your battery fully charge before turning on the Christmas lights.Before trying to power your Christmas light display, the battery should be allowed to charge the sun for the whole day.
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