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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-16

Tulle is a cheap fabric with very fine mesh of many colors in fabric and crafts shops.In the yard, on the line shafts of different widths, the tulle is sold on the craft shape or on the sheet.Almost all hand-made or decorative items require a tulle product.Due to the versatility of tulle, it is still a popular decorative accessory.You can decorate the ceiling, columns and pillars, and walls with clear flashing lights inside the tulle swing.Measured from the ceiling, around the pole, and on the floor.About 12 inch of the space is arranged in rows of tulle.Use tulle, which is about 36 inch wide, to make the aggregation.Cut the tulle to a certain length.Collect the ends of the tulle fabric with one hand.Accordion-Until it measures about 8 inch wide.Nail one end to the ceiling, close to the pole, and divide the nail spacing by about inches.Insert a string end between two staples.Surround the string inside tulle.Collect the gauze in your hand loosely.The Medmedley website recommends the use of white or clear Christmas lights.You can also use the same light as the tulle color.Wrap the tulle (with lights inside) around the pole with a pitch of about 12 inch.Wrap to the end of the pole.Fold under the tulle.Bind ends with a desk stapler.Attach double-Double sided tape under the end.Press the end of the poleCut the tulle 78 inch wide and about 60 inch long to produce a rocking.The rock wall will extend 24 inch from the ceiling.Check the power outlets available.If you cover the ceiling with tulle, you need several outlets.Attach a string of light to estimate how much coverage you have.Use the extension cord to reach the socket if necessary.Grab the end of a piece of tulle.Put it in your hand.Insert a string of lights into the center of the tulle inside your hand (let the plug and wires stand out ).Tie a 3-Inch ribbon at the end of the tulle with string of lights inside.Stretch the thin strings loosely in the center of the gauze bag.Gather the other end of the tulle around the string of lights.Tie a 3-Inch ribbon around the end and string of lights.Align the tied tulle end (opposite to the end of the plug) with the end of the other piece of tulle.Connect the tied end to the end of the other piece of tulle.Gather tulle around the string of lights.Tie with a 3-inch ribbon.Continue to tie 60-inch-The long tulle part around the string until the string is covered.Insert the rope into the socket.Nail the first tied tulle end to the ceiling with a DingTalk gun.Move the ladder under the next bundle end.Loosely fix the stolen goods to the ceiling so that the tulle curtains can be put down about 24 inch.Nail the ends of two tied tulle (adjacent to each other) to the ceiling.Move the ladder and nail the stolen goods to the ceiling.Arrange the space according to your preference.Measure walls from ceiling to floor.Add 6 inches.Measure the width of the wall.Multiply the width by three.Cut tulle according to length and width.Nail left-Top right corner of ceiling or wall.Collect about 3 inch of Tulle in your hands.1 inch staples from the first Staples.Continue through the wall.Insert a light string end behind the tulle between tulle.Let the string of lights hang behind the tulle.Adjust the space of the string according to your preference.
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