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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-14

This happens every year: you take out the Christmas decoration boxes, unplug the strings, and plug them in.All of a sudden you find yourself with four or five bulbs, darker than the other lights on the rope.It may be a little annoying.--Whatever your Christmas cheer is--If you feel these dim light bulbs will affect how good your Christmas tree and holiday home looks.Whether you believe it or not, the cure is relatively simple, and the best solution is to replace the bulb.Take a piece of black tape and Mark at the bottom of each dim light.Carefully remove the dim light bulb from your Christmas string.Make sure you have replacement bulbs of the same brand as the string of lights you are dealing with, and your replacement bulb is actually a replacement bulb, not a flashing bulb.Carefully place the wire at the bottom of the new bulb.Align the base of the new bulb with the slot inside the socket base and gently push the bulb into the socket.Plug in this string of lights so you can make sure they are bright enough.If so, your problem will be solved.If they are still dim, the wires in your string may be short and you may consider replacing the whole string.Once you know that the replacement bulb is working properly, remove the tape you use to mark the socket where the bulb is dim.
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