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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-15

The wiring of Christmas lights is quite simple and clear.The bulb is set up in a series and each bulb is connected to the next bulb.The main wire comes from the plug connected to the wall.It is connected to the first bulb in the line and to one side of it.The wire is then connected to the other side of the bulb and extends to the next bulb in the line.Until all the Christmas lights are connected together.Then run the wire back into the plug to complete the circuit.Most light strings are also able to add extra light strings to make the lights longer.To do this, connect more wires to the end of a series of lights in order to connect another plug to the other end.The plug on the second end does not have pliers, but is designed like a socket so that the next string of lights can be inserted into it.There are two wires in the bulb.These wires come out of the bulb and bend to the side of the bottom.The bulbs are inserted into one slot and they are connected to the main wire when the external wires hit the same slot.Inside the bulb, the two wires are connected together by filament.When powering the Christmas lights, the filaments turn on.In the past, when a light bulb in a string of lights went off, the entire string went off.The only way to light them up again is to painstakingly check each bulb until it is discovered and replaced with a bad bulb.These types of lights are not that popular today, but can still be found.The more popular light does not go out when a bulb is damaged.This is achieved through diversion.The splitter is connected to two internal wires under the filament.In this way, when the filament is extinguished, the wire remains connected and the circuit is not disconnected.
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