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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-23

The small bathroom may be the bathroom under the stairs or in the spare closet.They may be children, adults or both.The small bathroom may be a guest dressing room outside the foyer or living room.One thing they have in common is that they are very small.Another thing they have in common is that they call for special lighting.The lighting of the small bathroom depends in part on the use of the bathroom.A bathroom light fixture may give guests a warm and comfortable feeling for dinner.Another type of bathroom light fixture may make the small bathroom look spacious or provide light for reading when relaxing in deep soaking tubs.You can make a small bathroom feel warm and comfortable by adding the right light fixtures instead of claustrophobic fears.Suppose it's a small half.Bath is mainly for guests to "freshen up" before dinner ".You use too smallDeep red and golden wallpaper with warm patterns.What kind of fixtures should this small bathroom have?Try a recessed can ceiling light fixture centered on the work area.Or use indirect lighting around the ceiling-wall junction.On both sides of the mirror above the sink, add a wall sconce light fixture.Avoid big wall lights, or those that highlight too far from the wall, as they make the room look cluttered.Layer these two types of lamps and lanterns to provide guests with warm and elegant lighting in a small bathroom.If you have a deep bath in your small bathroom at home, or a bathtub for children, you will want good lighting in the bathtub area.Most of the lighting above the bathtub and shower is diffuse lighting, which is good for a quick shower or tub.Over lighting is also goodThe lighting was soft throughout the bathroom.However, if you want to read or paint from your child, you may need brighter, more focused lighting.Use the focused flood light or halogen light on the wall above the bathtub.Choose safe, moisture-proof lamps for this area.Todd Phillips, president of lighting manufacturer Quoizel, said: "Make sure your lights get UL ratings in wet places to ensure safety .".You can never have too much light in the small bathroom as long as you use it properly.Perhaps the best thing for the small bathroom is to start with indirect lighting around the ceiling to get the overall softness and warmth.Then consider these possibilities.1.If you have a window in your small bathroom, use the light-The curtains on the window.Add shadows that can be drawn for privacy.2.Light shower or bathtub with independent wet area light fixtures, strong enough for personal grooming with ease but with dimmer switch for atmosphere.3.On both sides of the dresser, a warm Fluorescent vertical wall light is used to provide even facial lighting.Place halogen lamps above the mirror for cross lighting.Place these mirrors around the fixture on a separate switch.4.Run a linear fixture along the vanity toeSpace for soft night lights.5.For small bathrooms for home use, place halogen lights or floodlights near the toilet as a good reading light.Install a separate switch.All of these fixtures are placed in a small bathroom and you will always have the light you need for any given task.However, you can switch comfortable with dimmer and safe with night lights.The lighting in the small bathroom does not need to be too fancy or not enough.If you layer the light and control it with a separate and/or dimmer switch, you can have plenty of light or comfortable lighting.
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