lighting How to Install Bathroom Bar Lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
lighting How to Install Bathroom Bar Lighting
Have you ever tried to make up or shave in a bad environmentlit bathroom?With so many shadows, it's not easy and sometimes the result makes it fun for people to look at you.Thankfully, this can be done by removing the old-Old-fashioned singleBulb fixture and replace with bar fixture.There is a row of light bulbs for the bar lighting, which will help make sure you have all the light that looks best.Most importantly, this type of fixture is easy to install.Turn off the power supply of the bathroom lighting circuit by turning off the appropriate circuit breaker in the electrical panel.If your electrical panel circuit diagram is not accurate, then you may have to turn on the lights in the bathroom and turn off the circuit breaker until you find the switch to let the lights go off.Turn off the light switch and remove the cover and bulb from the existing light fixture after cooling.Insert the tip of the touch-Type the voltage tester into the socket and test it to ensure that the fixture is powered off.Use tool knives to score around fixtures that meet the wall.This will help prevent the paint from being pulled up when the fixture is removed.Remove the nut that holds the fixture on the wall box and slide the fixture off the mounting bracket.Remove the wire connector and disconnect the wire of the fixture from the circuit wire.Remove the screws that fix the mounting bracket on the wall box and remove the bracket.Check the wire for signs of damage or oxidation.If you find it, cut off the affected wires and strip the 3/4-Insulated inches at the end of the wire of the new lead.Slide the wire of the circuit through the center hole on the back of the Pole Clamp mounting bracket, and use screws to fix the bracket to the wall box, use the screws on the mounting bracket of the Pole Clamp mounting bracket to fix the bracketUse the torpedo height to ensure that the mounting bracket remains horizontal before and after tightening the screw.Connect the ground wire of the fixture to the ground line of the circuit and fix them under the green ground screw on the mounting bracket.Connect the white wire of the lamp to the white wire of the lighting circuit.Twist the wires together and fix them using the wire connector.Wrap a tape around the area where the wire meets the connector.By screwing the leads together and fixing the leads with the wire connector, connect the black wires of the fixture to the black wires of the circuit.Wrap the connection with tape, just like with a neutral wire.Fold the wires and put them away so that they do not stretch out outside the mounting bracket and slide the rod clamp over the bolt on the mounting bracket to flush it with the wall.Fix the fixture on the mounting bracket using the included nut.Use the torpedo level to check its level again.Install the appropriate bulbRate the socket of the fixture and install their cover.If the fixture is a clock-Pot variety, then the bell must be installed before installing the bulb.Restore the power to the bathroom lighting circuit by re-opening the circuit breaker.Flip the bathroom light switch to the on position to test the new bathroom bar light fixture.
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