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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-27

Use different types of light sources to turn your parade float into a light festival.Night parade floats rely on lighting to make floats and participants visible, but also create a mood and feel for the scene.It is important to choose the right power supply and lighting type for your float, so work it to the first stage of the blueprint to create a coherent design.Decide if you want gas-Generator or power inverter.The generator has a quiet model and runs at less than 60 decibels.The power inverter runs out of power from a car or motorcycle battery.They are less expensive but offer less electricity.Calculate the wattage you think you need and find the option that best meets your requirements.Design the platform on the floating back for your power supply.Make sure there is no decoration in the area.Place the Space 1 feet from the floating edge so that the floating skirting does not touch the device.Drilling of hooks on both sides of the platform.Screw in the hook.Put the power on the platform.Pass the strap through the inverter or generator and hook each end into the hook.Tighten the tape.Insert two extension lines into the inverter--One on the left side of the float and one on the right.For the generator, insert the splitter into the two outlets in front of it, or run four extension lines of different lengths from the four outlets it provides.For example, run a long rope to reach the front of the float and run a shorter rope in the middle or back of both sides.Overview The Edge of the float to give its definition.It also helps to know where the float falls off, thus ensuring the safety of passengers on the float.Run flat LED string lighting on the edge of the float.LED string lights can be set to any color.The lights can also change the color, flashing or set to move in Music order.Most LED lights can be controlled by remote control.The LED light barely heats up, reducing the likelihood of accidental burns by the parade rider.LEDs also use less energy than traditional lights and have a longer life, so you can use them in the next few years.If the flat LED string lights are expensive, use color or white rope lighting to outline your float.Rope lighting will still illuminate your edges, but connect the lighting to the front edge of the float, not the top edge, so that no one accidentally touches or steps on it.Highlight the area with a spotlight.Use floodlights to attract people's attention to an area or person on your float.Clip the floodlight onto the floor or stand.Point the floodlight to the area you highlighted.Or, install floodlights on the rear wall of the float to shine the light into an area.Match your theme with color floodlights.Create a festive or ethereal feeling with Christmas lights.Use Christmas lights in trees, clouds, and bushes to produce flickering effects.Put a string of Christmas lights behind pure fabric to create a soft, bright atmosphere.Higher quality lamps can be obtained using LED bulbs and current can be reduced.
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