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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-26

The light switch is a common household device and one of the most easily overlooked devices.At least before you have a problem.Although not very complicated, the main lighting switches still need a certain level of understanding before they work, especially since they use electricity.Before using the wires on the light switch to turn off all the power of the circuit, please always make sure this is done.After that, it may be an easy task to understand the basic components of the light switch.The first and most important part of the light switch is the part that everyone handles during the day --to-Day base: switch and board.The plate is an aesthetic barrier covering the holes in the wall.The back of the board is the internal work of the main light switch.The switch is the actual object you switch up and down.The switch is connected to the part of the terminal through a wire, and the control light is turned on or off.One thing that is clearly visible after removing the board is the wires that extend from the actual switch to the end inside the wall.These wires are responsible for transferring the lights on or off to the terminal, depending on the location of the switch, according to the instructions of the homeowner.The number of wires depends on the position of the light switch and whether it is at the end of the circuit or in the center.The light switch at the end usually has 3 wires;A wire in green, white and black.Middle-Circuit switches usually have two sets of wires for each color.In this case, the wire is usually connected to the terminal and often to the wire connector.Always remember, never fix or replace the wires without making sure the fusebox is powered off.According to the direction of the switch, the terminal provides the destination for the wire.It sends the electrical signal through the circuit to the actual circuit inside the wall and finally to the light source.Any loose connection to the terminal can cause a failure inside the switch.The terminals usually have a plastic device that can be turned, tying the wires to ensure that the wires are firmly fixed together.
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