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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-26

Parking lot lighting requirements are designed to ensure the safety of people who use the parking lot, businesses nearby and people who work safely.Different cities have their own minimum requirements for parking lot lighting.All parking buildings should have enough lights for visitors to find their own vehicles.Businesses located in residential areas must ensure that their parking lights do not illuminate traffic, houses or public areas in a dazzling way.The requirements for parking lot lighting vary from city to city.In La Verne, California, the lights in the parking lot must prevent light from reaching nearby traffic and nearby hotels.According to section 18 of La Verne municipal regulations.76.090, each lamp in the parking lot, except for security lighting, must be on the timing system.The height of the lights in the parking lot cannot exceed 20 feet, and at least 25 foot lights must be provided on the surface of the parking lot.All parking lot lighting systems must be approved by the municipal commission and appropriate adjustments are made within 30 days.Once a business with a parking lot is closed, such as a shopping mall, it may be necessary to dim the lights of the parking lot according to the law.In ferfax County, Virginia, any business with at least four parking light poles must darken the parking lights within 30 minutes of the closing time.Business owners have two options for lowering parking lights.They may turn off half of the parking lights, or they may reduce the brightness of all the parking lights by 50%.Any car park lights that are still running after business hours must have 0 lighting.2 or more football candles.This is to increase the safety of the lot and the people who occupy the lot.According to CrimeWise.Com, parking lot lighting can increase the overall security of the parking lot structure.A well-The bright parking structure prevents criminals from crawling in the shadows, especially between two cars parked next to each other.The lights of the parking lot also make the security guard clear through the closed ViewCircuit security cameraThe parking lot pole light should be installed in the actual parking structure and around the parking lot.This increases the overall security of the general area.
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