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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-26

The lighting load is calculated according to an equation: Watt = volt x amps.This is written mathematically as W = VA.In most lighting cases, you will know two of these three elements.From there, you can find the third one with the formula.Home circuits in the United StatesS.While some circuits may have 120-240 voltsVolt capacity, most allow 15 to 20 am ps.If you are planning a special event with lighting, or want to add professional lighting to your home, you will need to calculate the lighting load to make sure you don't consume too much power or trip the circuit breaker.Verify the circuit current by locating the circuit breaker panel or circuit breaker box.The circuit breaker of each circuit shall be marked with the number of amps, usually on the switch.Multiply the number of amps by voltage.In the case of 15-An amplifier circuit of 120 V, the formula is as follows: W = 120x15.The result is W = 1,800, so your maximum power load is 1,800 watts.Subtract the wattage of any other load on the circuit (such as electrical appliances, portable heating equipment, or office equipment.The remaining wattage is the maximum load you can use for lighting.By adding the wattage of each lamp, calculate the load that your lamp will place on your circuit.For example, if you are using four 500-Watt light, get 500 by 2,000, this is your load.Insert the load into the formula.In this case, you have 2,000 = VA.Since the standard home power supply is 120 V, you can also add it to your formula, resulting in 2,000 = 120A.In math, 120A is the same as 120 x.If you're on 240, use 120 instead of 240-volt circuit.The amplifier is calculated by dividing the sides of the equal sign by voltage.You do this because 120 divided by 120 equals 1 and 1A is the same as.Divide the wattage by 120 to calculate the equation.Your final result should be like this: 16.67 = A.That means you need a 16 circuit.67 or higher amplifier capacity for placing the load of all four lamps on this circuit.If you find that your circuit is only 15 am ps, you must find a separate circuit for your fourth lamp.
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