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Just a few years ago, we began to understand and fall in love with our home.Yes, fall in love.I remember checking for the first timeI was with my brother (my husband was working) and when I first walked into the room I felt like I had been there before.I hadn’t.Gave my husband a short call somewhere in the conversation he had collected and he had to look at the house.
We signed the contract in a few weeks.
She was ours.
Then there's an interesting part of digging into her history.And decoration-started.We found that we bought a house designed by Vahland instead of a magnificent housexa0Like some houses built in that era, but it is still part of Bendigo's history.Great Bendigo City will celebrate 100 anniversary this yearxa0W.
The death of Vahland is accompanied by a series of incidents that will eventually lead to a resumption of drinkingxa0The fountain designed by the architect later19th Century.Vahland is responsible for the design of more than 100 buildings in central Victoria and lower New South Wales.He was commissioned to design and build private houses, churches, Parliament buildings, hotels and community halls.
Records from historians and the State Department show that he believes everyone should have the right to buyxa0Their own home.Across from Bendigo, he designed four houses.Known as the pillar balcony of Villa Vahland.
While they do not have some other grandeur that he has designed for the richer Bendigo residents, they give low-income workers the opportunity to own a house.As for our home in Vahland, she has nice bones, soaring ceilings, deep corn and thick walls.The Arches in the corridor are amazing.Copying a Vahland signature in many of his other buildings, she has the charm of a family home --Not too big, not too small;just right.
She was originally built in 1869.
The history book says a small stone hut was built by miner Henry Carter.We think this is the bathroom and toilet right now.A few years later, William Ruddock, an engineer at a nearby foundry, purchased the property.
After a failed business venture, he sold his cabin to William in 1874.Brown.In 1876, Jin fangdraper transformed the house into what it is now.The hillside was dug out and four rooms were added to the front of the house, along with a stone and brickThe floor section was added along with an unusual cantilever balcony.
These are well-known gold rush architects Robert getzhiman and William C.Vahland, historians say.In particular, Vahland has designed more than 100 buildings, especially the Bendigo Town Hall, the futoona Villa and the Capital Theatre.Earlyxa0The owner of our family is Bessie McCauley, who named Villa Bessbrook sometime in the 1890 s.
During the period when Bessie owned the property, an advertisement indicated that the property was being sold and auctioned.We think her husband died and left her in charge of the property.In the last decade of the 19 th century, Bessie advertised for chefs, maids and regular servants.
The house was auctioned in November 27, 1889 by mclev, including some of her property, such as a large bedroom suite, sideboard and dining and living room necessities.We want to know what happened to her.How my time has changedThere are no servants or maids around the baysbrook Villa, about 2015 kilometers.Although we have a few JRTs who like to hang out and take a nap in a few rooms-Especially close to the heater during the cold season-This is a simple family when we are at home.
The proportion of rooms is still similar, although the restaurant and kitchen were open from four rooms to two long ago, and the latter was remodeled two years ago.We sometimes receive information clips from passers-by about the family and its history, especially the old people who may have lived there or visited when they were young.We know that the house was transformed into a unit decades ago.
Some of the door's furniture was removed and some of the walls and decorations were painted in horrible paint colors.Thankfully, society's love for old houses will change soon;At the end of 1990, the first step in restoring the baysbrook Villa has begun.Over the years since then, the paint layers on the doors, window frames and skirting lines have been stripped off.
Corn has been repaired, unreliable floors have been replaced, wires and pipes have been upgraded, and traditional accessories, switches and big roses have been returned to the lamps and lanterns during the frame period.Around the fireplace and the mantel are still a mixture of marble and wood, reflecting the use of each room several years ago.Some people are working and some are capping their use.
We have added modern facilities, warm and comfortable.After our first winter was spent, the central heating was installed to a part of the home, from one room to another, and the door remained closed to keep the heater and the warmth of the open fire;built-In the storage room, for the sake of safety and comfort, there is added sympathy in the bedroom, flyscreen door;However, we still respect the vision of Vahland and the thoughtful plan and foundation of the family.Repair and replace the old rotten wood to refresh the front balcony.
The garden is mapped and blooming.
His stained-Over the years, some of the original plain glass still filtered the light into the restaurant, and the glass windows survived.There is beautiful lacework on the unusual cantilever balcony of Vahland, which is still a work in progress, but we will get there.He was smart on the site of the main building.
the west-There are very few windows on the front, which can relieve the hot weather in the summer afternoon.A full-The long window from the living room to the balcony, no doubt, this used to be a grand living room, which can let the breeze float over later in the afternoon and cool the house.High ceilings and thick walls are ideal for "green" cooling and heating systems.
When you walk down the stairs, the temperature will naturally drop.The original kitchen is downstairs.Perfect in hot summer;A basement excavated to the side of the hillside is still a useful indoor storage space, as well as a bathroom and another bedroom.A small entrance hall and the outer Department lead to the driveway, and when the carriage is parked under the balcony, the driveway undoubtedly achieves its purpose, getting the owner off the bus, from the outside world.
Modern cars now deliver guests and car owners to the door.I often wonder how many people wander and live in the House: Stop in the huge old mirror decorating the walls of the corridor upstairs and admire yourself.What story can it tell.Outside, Vahland planned a sweeper Road in an old brick double room, the back balcony, the horse's roomStable story/coach Room, wooden shed, wash room and harness room.
In addition to the modern additions to the garage, pool, deck and lawn garden area, some of the original buildings Nestlé.As the newest custodian of a house in Vahland, we still have a number of projects that will make her shine again, but we are enjoying the journey.This year is 100 since W.C.Vahland died.As an architect, he left a great deal of heritage in Bendigo and the regional landscape.
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