light fittings Richmond's Regent Twin Cinema is a treasure-trove of memories, but one piece of history refuses to stay in the past

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-17
Anniversary of the beginningxa0My first job.xa0Richmond, director of Regent's twin cinemaI'm 14 years old. The first class is Friday night.The busiest nightxa0A week.A more experienced Usher showed me where to stand, the right way to greet people and tear off tickets, and how to guide the deceased customer in the seat while holding the torch behind my back, so they don't stumble over the stairs.
This job made me go through a part of high school life and college life.At the end of the day, I knew the place, just like my back.I know the character of the register, the quirks of the latterMix the water dispenser, and the exact height and angle of the hand to get continuous flow from the sensor handDryer in the bathroom.
I also figured out which floors were creaking and which doors were creaking in and out of the middle of the cinema in this placeShoot in a relatively quiet scene so as not to disturb customers in a quiet scene.From the projection room-On top of the constant rotation from film equipment --Some bumps and collisions will be heard, indicating that the projector is stitching the reels together or breaking --Packaging-Send back an old movie to the dealer.In contrast, in the course of the film, the click of the operation and the boom from the surround sound, between the two meetings, the cinema seems to be mutedxa0-Type of silencexa0This puts a lot of pressure on your ears.
After my first shift started filming, I started working.xa0Empty the lobby bin and try to cleanA bunch of popcorn mess that was so dirty stepped on that has been pretending not to hear the jokes of my new colleague.The projector isxa0Come out of his "box" and have time to kill people and chat and joke with the girls at the candy bar.
At the end of the day, the conversation was interrupted and he used the opportunity to get me involved in the group joke.He apparently overheard it in a voice designed for me, saying:xa0"So, did you tell the new girl about ghosts?Later that evening, my task was to turn off all the lights in the upstairs lounge.I walked up the creaking stairs, stood at the door and stared at the dim --lit room.
Beltxa0I took a deep breath, hurried and left there as fast as I could.This.xa0You see, this area is the place where ghosts go most often.The legacy building occupied by Regent was originally a live theater,xa0Openxa0My heart is calling in 1935.
Behind the screen of the cinema downstairs, the old stage is still witty.Rope and rigging equipment is suspended from the top to form an old pulley system to control the complex layers of curtains, wings and backgroundsMany of them are still limping moths.Eat and yellowThere are two old dressing rooms behind the stage, all with large mirrors and lamps all around.
The actors will make up before this.
There's a bunch of belongings knocking on the door.There: old props, outdated projection equipment, and the axis of the abandoned movieAll the things left over from the past are left to collect dust.In 1993, a sound wall was erected to prevent the audio of the cinema from drifting into the raf, while preventing curious customers from entering the background.
It's all boarding-A locked door.
Light in the back during the day, coming in from the window of the dressing room.But it's weird at night.Room for memory storage.Max Exregent, a regent who worked for the regent for 12 years to 2008, told me a story, about a lady who fell from her booth upstairs to the ground below at 1930."This could be a ghost walking around.xa0Over the years, "he said."I found the waiting room upstairs a little weird;Most staff think ghosts hang above or below the stairwell.
"I think I saw a shadow crossing the port hole a few times and we would close the door a few times --Get up at night and when we are sure there is no one, we will hear someone walking upstairs.After working at Regent's ticket office for 16 years to 2012, Ang Lee fern believed that ghosts were women."I 've never really seen her before, but I feel like she's been there several times.
"I think if I see her physically, I will resign or refuse to stay anywhere there alone," she said .".Fern's experience includes the MS of the hearing.xa0There was a woman's laughter from the waiting room upstairs,xa0See one sometimesxa0Shadowxa0Upstairs in the back aisle seat on the far side of the cinemaxa0Constant feelingxa0There was a strange sight in the waiting room upstairs.
"Once I was sitting alone in the ticket area of the office waiting for the last movie to come out and I went through very cold air."All the doors were closed and it scared me," she said .".Her most terrible experience involved an ordinary customer: "In a meeting in the evening, a person came down to the middle of the foyer, stopped to go to the front door, then stopped to turn around and looked confused, scared, she said.
She asked him if everything was okay?"He said he went to the toilet upstairs and when he came out he heard a woman crying.He stopped and looked and said, "Are you okay ?"’ to the woman.Then he looked very scared and confused and said that the woman laughed at him when he realized that he could see through her, "she said.
"The man did not return upstairs.
After a while, his wife went downstairs and both left.I never saw them in the cinema again
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