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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-16

The light switches and fixtures in your home are routed using a method called parallel wiring.This means that each light switch and bulb are independent of each other.The light switch is wired with a live wire instead of a neutral wire.This ensures that the charged current does not reach the bulb when the switch is off.Therefore, if you accidentally touch the "hot" terminal when replacing the bulb, you will not receive an electric shock.If you no longer need a light switch, you can skip its wires in a few steps.Open the cover of the stroke switch.This is where all your circuits are connected.If a fault occurs, the affected trip switch will be turned off.Find the trip switch of the light circuit connected to the switch to jump.Turn off the switch in order to cut off the power supply of the switch.Each trip has a clear label.Screw off the light switch accessories with a screwdriver.Remove the lid so you can enter the terminal.Release the screws on the terminals marked "In" and "Com."Do not release the screws on the terminals marked" Out.The wire color on the two terminals may be red, orange or black, but it will never be green, gray or white.Slide the wire out of the terminal marked "In.Insert the wire into the terminal marked "Com."Tighten the screws.Replace the lamp cover and tighten it with a screwdriver.Turn the trip switch to the on position.Close the box cover.Try to turn on the switch where you jump to the "on" and "off" positions.The light should not work because you jumped the wire.
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