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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-19
The ferfax regional media has seen the most sophisticated properties currently sold in Australiaxa0With exxy price tagHow happy it is to have an indoor selfClean and heated swimming pool?In this house in inverme near Ballarat, this dream may be a reality.To make the most of these five aspects, the floor plan of the property has been worked outStunning views of the vast hills of acre property.There are tennis courts, wine cellars, three dressing rooms and a gym.
If you hand in the key between $1, you can get the key.$75 million and $1.Property of 85 million.Encounter Bay is located in the seaside town of Victor Harbor, about 80 kilometers south of Adelaide.This spectacular EuropeThe style house was built in about 1901 square meters and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Southern Ocean.
Very high ceiling, very delicatexa0Ceiling roses, high skirting boards and the most stunning window shapes and designs capture the majesty of this stunning home.Asking price?Between the twoxa0$1.$95 million and $2.145 million.Sitting on 5.Old markinton in Launceston covers an area of 26 hectares, overlooking vineyards and pastures.The driveway itself is a kilometer long and at its end is a huge Versace-inspired, circular mosaic forming a central piece with the largest private fountain in tazhou.
In the interior of the chapelInspired ceiling art and Greece-The theme brings luxury and grandeur to the hotel.Due to some of the features "close to shops" and "close to schools" listed in the property field editorial, the jury is not in the target market.Sure.The offer is about $2.9 million mark.Located about 160 kilometers north of Sydney, this is a wonderful 7-bedroom home.
Built in 1862, Wallalong House is an amazing singleFlat country house with wide corridors and wrought iron columns.The House combines Georgian and Victorian buildings, proudly nestled between the giant old fig trees, with stunning views of the surrounding farmland and the Patson River.About $2 million is yours.Million-Dollar plus properties in Margaret River are common, but just look at the beauty of the scenery.
This four-Bedroom House designed by architect Richard Szklarz with cross-The style floor plan helps the hotel to enjoy some amazing attractions.Just walk into the house and you get a 220-Panoramic views of the degree across the river, you can see the Indian Ocean to the West.Reporters hope the bank can lend $5.9 million so he can buy it.A solid four-Bedroom stone house with wood heating for sale in the southern Kong Quan-East corner of South Australia.
Ask for $2.
575 looks a bit more until you realize what you boughtxa0Touted as one of the best dairy neighborhoods in the areaxa0122.62 hectares of land.When you enter the gates of Arcoona, a late Victorian romance-Federal HomeBuilt in about 1892 square meters, the property has customized featuresChandeliers and stained glass windows were made.There's even a custom.Made a pool table in the game room.The supplier is seeking the best offerxa0$2.
5 million.
On the peninsula of love is a spectacular Victorian mansion.The hotel is built around 1885 metres overlooking the beautiful Boston Bay.On the balcony, you can see the cruise ship entering the nearby port, the annual migration of whales and yachts in holiday mode.
Some of its features include classic high ceilings, decorative accessories, and cedar stairs.The price?$2 million
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