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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-23

The lights are in and out of fashion, but the classic shapes, such as ginger cans, may only require a color selectionme-In your favor.If you have a glass lamp that no longer aligns with your decor, you can change the look with paint.If you can't remove the lamp holder, wrap the hardware with a painter or masking tape before you draw.Most of the painting is attached to the glass, and some manufacturers produce special glass painting.Texture painting uses spots and debris similar to Spotted Stones.Artificial etched paint leaves a matte surface similar to acidetched glass.Metal painting allows your glass lamp base to mimic different metals, or feathersLight coating can simulate Translucent minerals like AmberColored mica or smoky Blackstone.Apply paint outside in mild weather, or wear a dust mask and spray in the wellVentilation room.A light sweep spray helps prevent running and allows you to gradually expand coverage.If you can screw down and remove the bulb base and other hardware, spray the interior of the clear glass lamp base for a more lasting effect and clean it up like any other glass object.Attach the sticker or masking tape to the light to create the pattern.Spray on the stickers and peel off the paint after drying to show the design.Some color glass paint can be used in bottles with spray nozzles, others apply paint to the surface using plastic tools.Although the transparent glass lamp base produces a more common color glass appearance, the color glass paint on the color lamp base gives a deeper tone and covers the translucent color.The design outline or border is dominated by colored glass, and the colorful paint is filled in the space.Liquid import allows you to hand-draw the colored glass border.Self-The adhesive tape makes the boundary clean and straight without causing confusion with the liquid tape.After the tap is in place, fill the space with colored glass paint.If your paint has a nozzle, squeeze the bottle slowly, rotate with the tip and apply the paint to fill the space.If your paint is in the jar, apply and apply it with a colored glass paint application tool and look similar to a small spoon.The surface of authentic stained glass is wavy.Take it as your advantage because the perfect paint coating doesn't look realistic.Plain acrylic enamel process paint, available in a variety of colors, attached to the glass.Opaque colors are ideal for painting flowers and other designs, or solid, fullThe base of your glass lamp is too much color.Remove the hardware from your lamp holder and use a fineBrush brush paint evenly on the glass.Place the lamp holder in a cold oven, then set the temperature according to the process paint instructions, bake the paint and make it durable.Slowly raise the temperature to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes to help prevent broken glass.Dishwasher-Secure enamel craft paint is another option that does not require baking.
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