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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-30
Recycling is a process.A range of activities, if you wish, include: collecting and collating waste materials, processing them to produce brand new products, and the purchase and use of these new products by consumers.
If we practice the three R of waste management: reduction, reuse, recycling, recycling will be more optimized and efficient.
Reducing waste that is otherwise transported to a recycling center or landfill is achieved by intentionally reducing our purchases and consumption, composting of organic waste, and refusing to use disposable items such as polystyrene and plastic bags.Reusing Materials helps to extend the use of specific projects.Examples of this are: re-use the glass bottle in the artistic lampshade, hand over your old phone to family or friends for reuse, and upgrade the street trash can to the community pool.
But why recycling?Why go through all the trouble of recycling garbage?What are the benefits of recycling for us and the environment?

Recycling significantly reduces the amount of waste stored in landfill sites or incineration plants.Engineering landfill sites in most cities are designed to contain toxic chemicals that leak from rotten solid waste into our water system.But how long?We have received reports of contaminated water supply from hazardous chemicals in some cities.Burning solid waste for power generation may be effective, but we pay a price in increasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.
To look at this good from the right perspective, let's consider this statement from Penn's Department of Environmental Protection: "by recycling 1 million tons of steel in 2004, the Penn saved 1 ton.3 million tons of iron ore, 718,000 tons of coal and 62,000 tons of limestone.We saved nearly eight times by recycling news paper, office paper and mixed paper.2 million trees
Resources such as oil and precious metals (gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc.) Are limited resources that will run out sooner or later.Mobile phone and computer makers like Dell and Apple recognize the need to stabilize the supply of raw materials --Most people are active when buying.Items for recycling materials from old products.
In terms of energy consumption, recycling is more effective than production with fresh raw materials.Going on across the country can lead to a significant reduction in our energy costs.The energy needed to extract, process and transport metals from mines to refineries is clearly much greater than the energy needed to recover metals from used products --Making brand new aluminum cans with fresh materials costs more energy than making 20 cans with recycled materials!
Every cost-The combined benefits of reduced recycling, energy conservation, material conservation and job creation contribute to building a strong economy for our country.Recycling in a countryIt has had a huge positive impact on the economy.When the financial crisis began last year, the price of recyclable items fell, but it proved the industry's resilience and the price is now back to its previous level.crisis levels -The recovery is far ahead of most other industries.Employment opportunities are increasing and the city and town governments are enjoying significant savings in electricity, garbage collection and land landfill costs.
Recycling produces more work than landfill or incineration waste.In this era of recession and high unemployment, this is a benefit that we cannot ignore.Let's consider the treatment of 10,000 tons of solid waste: burning it for power generation will create one employment opportunity;Collection and dumping of landfill sites will create 6 jobs;There will be 36 job opportunities for recycling waste!
People are united to build communities around common causes, problems and propositions.Recycling is no different.In many communities and cities across the country, we see relevant citizens working together in recycling programs, environmental lobby groups and free recycling groups.If you're not familiar with recycling or environmental advocacy, find a local group to work.When you have other enthusiasts cheering for you, it will be more fun and valuable to stay on the pitch.
Recycling is a profitable option if you just want to make money or start a business during these difficult times.It's relatively easy and cheap to start a familyBased on recycling business.All you need to do is plan what material (cell phone, paper, metal, etc) will be fine.) You intend to collect, plan storage, contact the recycling plant for pricing, and you will start collecting recyclable items and resell them to the recycling facility at a significant profit.Big recycling giants in the United States started doing local business a few years ago.You can do it too-These people have just realized the great potential of the business in front of everyone.
The benefits of recycling for each of us, society and the environment are compelling reasons for our recycling.Recycling has become a second nature for many of us.a way of life.It is a small but extremely important part of environmental protection.Without recycling, all our efforts to protect the Earth would not be so effective, or even futile.Let's continue recycling.

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