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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-22

The lampshade includes spiders, fitters, harps and finial.These parts work together to fix the lampshade on the lamp holder.The exterior of the lampshade can be made of fabric, glass, metal or paper.The lampshade is located on the lamp holder or chandelier, spreading the light from the bulb.If the lampshade is made of fabric or paper, the material is fixed in place by a metal frame.This support is not required for glass or metal tones.The spider is attached to the inner top edge of the lampshade and is connected to the lamp holder using a harp and finial, a clip that slides directly through the bulb or an uno fitter, which is screwed on the thread on the lamp socket.Spider accessories need to use HARP, U-Metal sheet with screw shape on top.This screw allows the harp to slide through the opening of the spider and screw a finial on the top to secure the lampshade in place.The lampshade and lamp holder must have the same fitter to work properly.
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