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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-23
In addition to the problem of overwatering, lack of light is the biggest challenge for residential orchid growers.In the process of orchid growth, many people do not understand the relationship between light.Plants start to collapse, new growers start watering, adding more fertilizer to the plants, and even raising the temperature to save the plants.They don't think it changes the level of light.Most old houses do not have good equipment to provide proper light to orchid plants.What you get in most families is existing, not more.Then the growers make changes and have healthy and beautiful plants.If there is not enough natural light, orchids can grow under artificial light.Some orchids take time to adapt to the use of artificial orchid planting lights.They are preparing for better and more frequent flowering.So, what's out there, what should I use?We will divide it into three types of orchid lights.Incandescent: this is the most likely Everyday Edison bulb in your home.This is by far the cheapest light.However, it is not a good choice in itself.One formula used is a combination of two incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps to achieve a good final effect.One suggestion is to ratio the five watts of sunlight fluorescence (cold white) to one watt of incandescent lamps.The 25-watt bulb for extended life is more suitable for longer bulb life and cool operation.Try to get the longest fluorescence in your growth area.Fluorescent: this type of orchid lamp can do a fair job.The light dispersion rate of plants is far better than that of incandescent lamps.These tubes have little heat to orchid plants.They are very cheap and should last for a long time.You need to come up with a way to hang these for your plants.In addition, this light fixture can be found in most home improvement shops.There is a "shop light" in the box, usually without the required tube.One drawback is that these types of lights are only best for low light orchids.Not all orchids need the same amount of light.Orchids that need more than 1800 fc (foot candle) light will not be very good in this light setting.High-intensity systems: These systems, like everything in life, have prices.High-intensity-It is best to use the light.They have been around for quite some time now and serious growers will use them.The system consists of high pressure sodium lamps, metal halogen lamps, Quartz tubes filled with sodium or mercury steam that are sealed under pressure and carried out by absorbed ultraviolet rays coated with fluorescent substancesAlmost all orchids bloom under the lights of this orchid.These are the essence of the crop, and anyone who tries to use them for a home-grown orchid experience needs to study them.The best is natural light, and in addition to that, while I don't support high-intensity systems of any brand or model, they are Mercedes-Benz for orchid planting practices.
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