lamp Magic Lighting LED Bulb & Remote | Color Changing Light Bulb With Remote

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-04

The low wattage Magic Lighting LED bulbs and remote controls, like the light show, offer 16 colors and multiple modes for almost any use.You can use these color changing bulbs in the children's room, mood lighting, Spotlight, outdoor terrace, key lighting, aquarium or bar area for Color Splash, or you want to spray a little color light anywhere.This multi-The color bulb works through the remote control, providing flash, fade and smooth mode in the brightness settings of your choice.These patterns cycle through 16 colors at different speeds.You can also choose the color and accent you like.How does the magic LED bulb and wireless remote control work?You can put the bulb in any light that accepts a standard size bulb, but you may prefer a light fixture that allows you to focus or guide the light.The Magic bulb gives out color or white light and uses a normal E26 American light socket or E27 European socket.After the bulb is in place, you can turn the bulb on and off using the remote control.The wireless remote control is equipped with the installed battery to purchase the replacement battery (CR2025 ).The light bulb and the remote control must turn on the light itself to work.Please note that the wireless remote control does need to be close to the operation and you need to be within about 6 feet of the light bulb.You do need a range of venues for the bulb itself, and the remote control is not strong enough to work in a closed or closed jar or lamp.You can use the remote control to select the mode and brightness settings you like.The complete failure of the remote control is as follows.When you want the color to provide a light show, you can choose between a flash, fade in and out, and a slide.What do they do?Flash -Strobe -Fade -Smooth -You can also change the brightness level using the top white arrow keys.These discolored bulbs have 4 different levels of brightness.A wireless remote control can also work with multiple LED color changing bulbs.FYI -If you find that the color of your bulb is not well separated, or there is hotSpots of color, there is a simple solution.Because the bulb does not heat up, using tape or wax paper on the lens can help to mix and spread the color more evenly.Give it a try!Magic Lighting LED bulbs and remote controls are an interesting and easy way to add color to the area at a very reasonable price.Because the bulbs are LED and have a service life of 25,000 hours or more and the energy cost is low, it makes you feel good to use them.Since there is no description in the box, here's what you need to know.The remote control is equipped with battery and can be used at any time.After inserting the bulb into the position you want, make sure that the power of the bulb is on.Now, with the remote control, you can choose to turn the bulb on or off with the green and red buttons at the top.You will see the other two arrow buttons at the top, these are dimmers.You can choose how bright the light you want is.There are four levels of brightness.The RGBW stands for the color itself (red, green, blue and white), all of which are mixed from red, green and blue.You can select the button of any color for the standard color.If you want a light show, you want to choose a mode as the color changes.Flash, fade in and out and smooth mode will cycle between colors at different speeds.
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