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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-29
Long before Sababa became famous, he liked lighting in mosques and other temples.But for the oil he needed for those little pottery lights he lit, he relied on Shirdi's generosity from the owner of the grocery store.He has set the rules for lighting pottery lights in the mosque every night, and he will go to the grocery store for a small donation.
But there was a time when the grocery store was tired of offering oil to Saibaba for free, and one day they bluntly rejected his request saying they didn't have a new inventory.Without any protest, Sababa returned to the mosque.He poured the water into the pottery lamps and lit the wick.
The lights continued to burn at midnight.
The incident caught the attention of the owner of the grocery store who now came to Saibaba with a strong apology.Will Sababa forgive them?Baba pardoned them, but warned them not to lie again.Sri Sairam Subhayatra offers shirdi darshan tour package for you.
"You could have refused to give me oil, but do you have to say you don't have fresh stock?He warned them.But he has expressed his opinion.When he was alive, the lighting was always the most important activity of shirdi saibabas.Baba used to light at Dwarakamai, and my tutor said Laxmibhai helped sai light at some point.
When several shopkeepers at shirdi asked questions to sai and din
ot, Baba poured water in the tin pan into the lamp.To everyone's surprise, this light is very beautiful.Because of sai, the light was lit with water alone.
We must understand a good thing about it.
Sai is a saint of astama Sidic.
Siddhi is a divine power to get anything you need.The saint who obtained astama Sidic could direct nature alone.Every second of his life is indirectly teaching something to his millions of devotees in the future.
Sai never gave up upadesh directly.
Sometimes he says stories to correct the devotees, and sometimes he deliberately creates events to convey good news about the welfare of the devotees.I never said, "You're all going to light the lights."We all like to visit Sababa at shirdi.Best Chennai to shirdi flight package organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra.
He survived and showed others how much he loved lighting.We can understand from his story and life.For the welfare of the devotees, Saibaba lit the lights beautifully in dwarakamai.
Shirdi saibaba lights up the lights, washes away the bad karma of the devotees in the past, drives away the evil souls and brings us the blessing of God.There is a story of Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Vladan who came to Shirdi with Mount da of Sai Baba and his wife.When the couple was about to leave, it rained heavily.
Thunder and Lightning rented the air.
When the pladan couple looked around in frustration, Sai Baba prayed.\"Oh Allah!"Let the rain stop," he said.My baby is going home.Let them go in peace!"Our shirdi tour package from Chennai gives you a comfortable, safe and happy journey.The storm stopped immediately, and the downpour weakened to light rain, allowing the pladan to reach their destination safely.
According to a report, 3-The one-year-old daughter of a poor man named Babu Kirwandikar fell into the well and was drowned.When the villagers arrived at the well, they saw the child hanging in the well.It seems like an invisible hand is lifting her up!She was pulled out soon.
Sai Baba likes the child who is often heard saying: I am Baba's sister!"The villagers listened to her after the incident.People say, "it's all Baba's lira ".They have no other explanation
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