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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-10
Incandescent lamps are the most common and cheapest bulbs in daily use.Compact fluorescent lamps save more energy than incandescent lamps.LED (Light-LEDs with longer duration are more expensive than CFL.Which one do you want to choose for daily use?We moved to the country yard last month to live with our parents.We found that the House needed to be brighter, especially in the morning and evening of the rainy winter.To make our house brighter, we are going to buy some light bulbs.Some people say they buy some incandescent lamps.It is suggested to buy some compact fluorescent lamps.But I insist on buying some LED lights.LEDs ).There was an argument in our big family.My mother said incandescent lamps are the cheapest.They have been using incandescent lamps for many years.This is quite good.In foggy days, the yellow light is much brighter.Most importantly, she is used to living under the yellow light.She felt warm under the yellow light.My husband says efficient CFL is the best option because the CFL is not that expensive.It is brighter than incandescent lamps.And it can save more energy.There is no doubt that LED equivalent bulbs (for example, 6 w LED spotlights, as a direct replacement for 35 w GU10 halogen lamps) are much more expensive than the original or CFL alternatives.The price of LED bulbs is $20-Depending on the company and the product, $120.I have prepared some useful information to convince them to choose the LED bulb.The LED bulb has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of the LED bulb it is brighter than the CFL or incandescent lamp.It emits light of a predetermined color without using a color filter.It lit up quickly.Unlike CFL, it takes a second or two for the CFL to light up.The LED bulb produces very little heat, which means it stays cool than other bulbs.It lasts 10 times as long as CFL marketing, and some ads are 60,000 hours.It has a service life of 35,000 to hours.The rated working time of the denominator tube is usually about 10,000 to 15,000 hours.The use time of incandescent lamps is approximately 1,000 to 2,000 hours, depending in part on the conditions of use.Due to the long service life of the LED, it is used on truck taillights and other safety lighting equipment.Unlike CFL, it does not contain mercury.No UV, infrared or other harmful output.For bulbs equivalent to 60 watts, the LED uses an average of 5-Compared to 13-7 watts15 w cfl, 60 W incandescent lamp.LED is more durable than incandescent or fluorescent lighting.LED bulbs have excellent shock resistance.It is difficult to damage during delivery.The disadvantage of LED bulbs is not cheap.Even if other bulbs are free, it is economical to buy LED bulbs.If it costs $50 for an LED bulbBuying a $50 LED bulb is still cheap as the LED will save you more utility costs in the long run.But I found some LED bulbs here are cheaper than you think.The lamp is emitted from the upper half of the bulb and provides less ambient light from one bulb.It does not produce ambient light and does not scatter light in all directions.This directional lighting is suitable for spotlights, but not for general ambient lighting.However, I found that some products are made up of several bulbs in order to solve this problem.Like this one.Finally, we have reached an agreement that we will not change the light bulb of the parent's house.We'll buy some LED bulbs to try if it's really user friendly and eco-friendly as advertised.
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