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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-23

Many here, take out a lampshade than meet the eyes.You have to decide which style matches your decor.You then have to select the shade that is compatible with the accessory type or fitter on the lamp.Again, you must find shadows of the right size;It should be low enough to cover the switch.The intended use of the lamp must also be considered.For example, if the lamp is mainly used for reading, the lampshade should be wider than the normal range in order to get the maximum light.The spider fitter is placed in the threaded assembly on the top of the lamp, and the lampshade is made by so-Called "finial ".The size of these shades varies from 7 inch to 1 feet on the top, and its width usually determines its depth.Ensure that the lampshade falls to a level sufficient to cover the bulb;Can't see it from the other chairs in the room.The way many lights are configured is that you have to remove the bulb in order to connect the lampshade.These lights are equipped with UNO accessories above or below the bulb, so they require you to purchase a lampshade that can accommodate it.What makes your purchase more complicated is that there are two types of UNO accessories: push-on or threaded.For lamps that require threaded UNO fittings, you need to fix the lampshade by twisting the lampshade fittings around the base assembly of the lamp.If there is no threading, simply press the UNO fitting on the fixture assembly below or above the bulb.Once you do the same, change the bulb and you can go.Many lampshades are fixed by clamping them on the bulb itself, but these are mainly present on ceiling lamps or chandeliers.Regardless of the type of light, it is important to comply with the wattage of the bulb on the shadow specification.You may cause a fire if the wattage is too high.
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