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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-22

The antique lamps el lamp is very attractiveAdd classic and elegant style lighting options to any room.The lamp holder is made of metal such as brass or stainless steel and has light on the topColor lampshade, typical colonial design theme.These lights are popular in many families as they offer an timeless elegance that can change over time and are perfect for room designs that have changed over the years.Cleaning the lamps is a fairly easy task when using some simple cleaning ingredients.Every one to two weeks-purpose duster.This will wipe the dust as the dust accumulates, showing the polished gloss of the lamp base.Wet the micro-fiber cloth with a metal polish.Most metal polishing is suitable for all metal types (brass, copper, stainless steel ).Just read the product label to make sure that Poland is the right fixture material for you.Wipe the damp cloth at the bottom of the lamp and rub it with a small circle to restore the polished gloss of the lamp.Continue until the whole light is cleaned.When the Duster is not enough to keep the lampshade looking best, remove the lampshade.Take the cool outdoors and gently tap the top and bottom of the shade with a broom or something like that.This will easily break the accumulated dust.
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