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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-28

When the floor lamp stops working, there are usually two reasons for the problem: bad socket or bad wire.Since both issues involve removing the lights, it is wise to replace both items.This will eliminate the possibility of replacing a part, but the problem is that the part is not replaced.According to the price in 2010, most home stores can buy replacement sockets and wires for about $10.Remove the lampshade or top of the floor lamp.There is usually a nut that can hold the shadow, or, if the lamp has an open glass top, there is a nut around the socket.Remove the bulb from the socket.Unscrew the nut and lift it from the shade or top.Put the lights on the floor for easy work.Unscrew the collar around the socket.On some models, there may be no collar around the socket.The object is to remove anything that needs to be removed in order to make the socket loose.The knob to turn off and turn on the light must be screwed down to remove the socket.Pull the socket up and slide the coat down to reveal the two wires connecting the socket.Unlock the wire attached to the screw on the socket with a screwdriver.Remove the bottom of the lamp and unlock any knot on the rope.This knot is made to ensure that it does not damage the connection to the socket if it is pulled.Pull the rope from the bottom of the base.Install the new wires and sockets by reversing the steps used to remove the old ones.
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