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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-29
The projector is an important part of the golf simulator.Most golf simulators are equipped with good projectors however, if you are not satisfied with the performance or if your golf simulator projector is already working, you plan to buy a new one, the following points will help you according to your requirements.You should check the lumens of the projector.
Lumens are essentially the power of light perceived by the human eye.If you play a golf simulator in a dark room, it won't make much difference, but if your room is not dark, you should buy a projector with a high lumen.By using a high lumen projector, you will see the image clearly in the light.
1500 projector2500 lumens is enough for your golf simulator.Check the contrast of the projector.800: 1 anything above is enough to play golf on the simulator.However, if you plan on using a projector, not just a game, you should get a projector with a high contrast.
Some golf simulator software is made for 4: 3 screens, so be sure to check the aspect ratio of the projector before purchasing the projector.If your emulator supports a ratio of 16:9, it is better to choose it because you will see a wider area.It can also be used for other multimedia purposes.
The angle of projection plays an important role in the projector.Considering that your golf simulator has a small room, then you need to choose a projector with a larger throwing angle.Most projectors are able to project diagonal images of 120 inch from a distance of 12 to 18 feet.
The lamps used by these projectors are very expensive, so always choose the ones with higher lamp life.Typically, this specification is called "lamp life" and is about 2500 hours on average.Try to get the best price, that is, the price/performance ratio.
In this article, we talked about multimedia.Let's take a look at the projector.If you want to play high-end games or watch movies through your computer, make sure the projector supports full HD resolution.The full HD resolution is basically 1920x1080 pixels, which is the standard for watching HD movies.
If you don't know the pixels, these are small dots that make up the image.Compared to 2073600 (921600 × 1280) semi-HD or also known as HD, the image of 720 pixels will certainly be clearer and more detailed.Video formats supported by such projectors are 480i, 480 p, 720 p, 1080i, 1080 p/60, 576i, 576 p.
1080 p projectors will not make any difference when used for golf simulation, because most of these simulator software cannot do 1080 p and is limited to 720 p, so, if you plan to use only for golf simulators, it is better to stay away from these projectors as it is much more expensive than a normal projector.Last but not least, check the connection options.Various connection options available are S-Video, composites, components, RGB, HDMI, USB and more.
Check what your requirements are and fight for the best deal
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