lamp and light What Gauge Is a Lamp Cord?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
lamp and light What Gauge Is a Lamp Cord?
If your light is in a room with a lot of activity, the wire may be damaged by being repeatedly pulled out of the socket by the vacuum cleaner or running over.Even without this abuse, the old wires become brittle.Replacing a light is a simple task that allows the light to run for years.It's easy to find new light lines;They're usually 18-gauge wire.The specification of the wire is a measure of its crossingThe area and the lower instrument number indicate larger-diameter wires.This is because the original way to measure the diameter of the wire is to pass the wire through a predetermined hole, and the thicker the wire, the less wires that can be tied together.The wires that supply power to sockets and lamps in typical houses are 12-or thinner 14-Gauge, the table in the lamp line is thinner 18-gauge ones.Unlike the typical cable in the home electrical system, the lamp line usually contains stranded wires, which are made of several thin wires bundled together.The 18-The meter wire inside the lamp line is rated at a maximum current of about 5 amps.For a typical 120-V bulb type-Even a few of them.The power consumed by the load is equal to the current flow to the load multiplied by the power supply voltage.A 60-Watt bulb running on 120-Therefore, the Volt consumes only 1/2 amps of current.If the same bulb is 12-Volt power, however, should upgrade the power cord to 16-or even 14-Instruments that avoid voltage drops and dim lights.When you go to replace the power outlet of the wire, you can choose to cut the custom length from the roll and connect your own plug, or buy the pre-cut wire that has already connected the plug.You may find wires with different polarized plugssized prongs.While there is no harm in using polarized plugs and wires, not every lamp needs them.In addition, some outdoor fixtures may have a ground terminal.If so, you need three.Includes plugs and wires for two wires and ground wires.A simple fixture does not need to be polarized-No matter which terminal you connect the hot wire to, the bulb will light up.Some fixtures, however, have internal wiring that requires a hot wire to be connected to a specific terminal.You can identify one of them by looking at the terminal connectors on the fixture.If one of them is brass and the other is silver then you need a polarized plug.The big fork on this plug is neutral and the wires attached to it usually have white stripes or stripes to identify it.
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