lamp and light How to Match a Lamp Shade to a Lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
lamp and light How to Match a Lamp Shade to a Lamp
Even if the light bulb is not turned on, dazzling lights and shadows can illuminate the dim room.The subtle shadows on the low-key lampstand create a calm atmosphere, or the modern light and base may fit into the furniture of the room, hardly noticeable.Although matching the lampshade to the lamp holder is a matter of personal taste, you can always create a pleasant combination by carefully merging certain elements.Drama, serenity, vitality, or play-no matter what scheme your room has, the right lights can contribute to the decor.Choose a light bulb in a pastel hue and place a light lamp holder in a quiet corner.Add a brightly patterned shade to the whimsical base for a little fun.Place a themed shade on the hanging chandelier to help tie the room together.Lighting designers often use square or rectangular tones with squaresBase light with curved or round base and round tone.Because a simple shadow frame can cover folds, folds, or folds of material of any color and texture, even a simple circular drum shadow can enliven a monotonous space.A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that when you view the lamp from the expected display height of the lamp, the shadow should cover the lamp hardware.The table lampshade should be long enough that the switch is almost invisible when you sit down.The curtain should hide the switch if you stand next to the light.If the lampshade is slightly wider than the lamp holder and it is about the top, the desk lamp looks balancedThird of the total height of the lamp.When choosing a shadow for a floor lamp, the texture and color may mask the size, but the size does matter.For the floor lamp, it is easy to find the shadow of too large size, too large shadow will make the floor lamp unstable.Shadows are made of materials and should be supplemented with the lamp base and other parts of the room.The hue of paper, silk or other fabrics can be traditional or innovative.While stylish glass and metal may be considered materials for modern or minimalist room design, these materials have been used to make lampshades for centuries.For example, if you are repairing a home with a converted antique gas light, you will want to use the right glass tone.The same is true of the modified kerosene lamp base and other antique lamps.Especially the Victorian lights, very gorgeous with cutShades of glass, milk glass, or colored glass.The function of the lamp can determine the type of color it needs.The piano lampshade must provide light that can be angled to the music stand, but not directly in the eyes of the player.The shadow of the desk lamp or reading lamp is most effective if the light is illuminated to the desktop or reading material.The ambient lighting of a desk lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp should have a slight shade to distribute bright lighting without glare.Because many lampshades are made of potentially flammable materials, it is important to choose a lampshade that allows enough air space between the bulb and the lampshade.The shadow mounted on the lamp harp is usually a safe distance from the bulb.The shape of the lampshade can help to release the heat from the lamp.A large, open shade allows the heated air to dissipate, while a narrow shade with a narrow opening at the top may allow heat to accumulate in the shade.One way to check for adequate ventilation is to turn on the light for five minutes and then touch the top of the shadow.If the color is hotter, please choose a more open style.Another solution is to switch to energy.An efficient compact fluorescent bulb that burns colder than an incandescent lamp.
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