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Ulysses cantagali, recognized today as the 19 th century Italian potter, although we did not hear of him until 1878.His original works are collected by many private and important public museums, including Bagro in Florence and Victoria and Albert in London."Ulysses cantagali" is a famous Italian pottery artist in the 19 th century.Before 1878, when he was recorded as taking over the home factory in Florence, few people knew him.Of course, Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and the early products of cantalari also reflect the artistic style of the Renaissance.The style was very popular at the time, especially in the UK and English speaking countries.His friendship with William de Morgan was his outstanding contribution to the success of cantagarin International, the most talented and popular at the time.De Morgan seized on the mood of the times, which undoubtedly had the greatest benefit to cantagali.De Morgan is very appreciative of the art of redcantagali and introduces him to many influential collectors in the UK and the United States.He encouraged him to participate in international exhibitions, and in a very short period of time, cantagalli's works were well received for the fact that their works were still popular.Antique and antique desk lamps describe a Cantagalli desk lamp from their current network Collection.A 19 th century, very decorative Italian magolica lamp from the Florence workshop of Ulysses cantalari.The Italian Renaissance-style urn-shaped lamp, dome-shaped lid, and the top lid of the spires.The urn on the circular base and the base, located on the square base.The lamp is beautifully decorated with monochrome, light blue enamel.Urn cover, edge and bottom with lambrekin border.A Renaissance scholar and his dog.Side of the urn with molded lion head ring handle.The character theme is cleverly drawn in a very free-flowing way.Lights on a square custom base painted in royal blue.It is worth noting that due to the ceramic firing technology at the time, the urn has a slight depression in the kiln, so the angle of the square base of majolica is irregular.The total height of about 1880 (including Shadows) 23 \ "/58.CmCantagalli is committed to learning about the techniques and designs of the old masters from Gubbio, Deruta, Urbino and other important Italian art centers.He was fascinated by the Renaissance Italian pottery, and his talent made it easy for him to restore the old decorative techniques.In addition, cantagali was also a very intuitive businessman who knew that Renaissance-style pottery was very popular at the time.Ulysses cantagali is an outstanding pottery artist whose original works are collected by many private and important public museums, including the Bargello Museum in Florence, the one in FlorenceCantagalli died in 1901 after a long and successful life.His wife and daughter continued to operate the factory in Florence until 1934 when it was sold to former artistic director Amerigo Menegatti.The factory struggled in the catastrophic events of Italy's involvement in World War II and finally closed in 1985.
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