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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-08
Hudson Valley's chic vintage and industrial chandeliers add stunning visuals to the decor of any room.Here are some of the latest fixtures in this style.Pendant is a versatile, adaptable lighting device for indoor space.
They meet the aesthetic needs, but also meet the needs of practical lighting.They hang on the ceiling but are not as big or bright as the chandelier.They can be used in a single or multiple design, staggered at different lengths-savvy look.
Next to the dresser on the kitchen island, rows of rows in the hallway-pendant lights can be used almost anywhere.Hudson Valley Lighting is a brand known for its various charming lamps and lanterns, offering a range of exquisite chandeliers for modern families.Here are some of the new and interesting designs seen from the stylish retro and industrial style pendant collection.
Altamont is a tapered chandelier with metal or paper tones.The cast metal tone showcases luxurious finishes and intricate rivets and seam details, creating an exquisite industrial look.The paper cone is softer, allowing the light to pass, making the appearance softer.
The lamps also have accent details along their rings-and-The bar chain and the wide ring frame make it a complement to any space.This lamp has antique copper, polished nickel and a long history of nickel finishes.Belmontbelmont draws inspiration from the engineering convex lens that decorated the northern French city of Lille in the early 20 th century.
The chandelier transforms these vintage fixtures into stylish ones that perfectly fit into the modern home.This light is characterized by a polished prism glass attached to a sturdy metal machine with custom knotted fasteners that replicate the shape of the gourd for more than 100 years.Belmont has aged brass, old bronze, polished nickel and satin nickel finishes.
The Coffey light pendant in Hudson Valley is a very simple work.It has a sculptural thick glass shadow fixed on the base tube of a long bulb, giving out a complex aesthetic through a simple styling.This pendant also shows the amazing charm of Edison --The style bulb is visible visually in general, but in context.
The beauty of this texture level has two finishes-aged brass and polished nickel.Inspired by industrial design, Gaines pendant combines exposed elements with contemporary style to become a modern product suitable for urban space.Laden with perforated metal products with rivets, brass heavy profile, 20-A century of fixtures adds rich texture contrast to any space and intrigue to the machine age.
This chain hanging pendant can be customized with aged brass, aged old bronze, historical nickel and polished nickel finish.Hudson Valley's chic vintage and industrial chandeliers transform the pattern of the machine age into a delightful and private modern home design.Whether in a city loft or a country resort, they add visual excitement to any indoor space.
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