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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-25
In addition to your favorite dishes and the most expensive Chinese ingredients, what else is in your kitchen?In a beautiful center on an expensive mahogany table, a curtain with a cold tone to stop the sun from damaging your top --of-the-It comes with a microwave and refrigerator and a cabinet full of imported ceramics.This is a priority for some of us when building our own kitchen.But like water, and maybe electricity, there's a requirement for all types of kitchens-natural lighting.According to the UK-based Sara Garmin Interiors, "lighting is one of the most overlooked but important elements of interior design."Similar to other spaces in your home, the balance of style and function should be the way your home is lit.If the luxurious environment cannot be appreciated, or if it prevents you from performing the most basic tasks, what is the benefit of it?So here are some ideas for your own little American diner Wonderland kitchen lighting.The photo provided by Pegasus lighting blog through pinterest has this metal track that can be used to shape elegant curves that can be adjusted according to the design and size of the kitchen.Interior designers call it monorail lighting or rail lighting systems.The idea is to pause the track on the ceiling while keeping the actual bulb.In addition to fashion, you should also consider several advantages of rail lighting.First of all, it's easy to install.Easy for beginnersto-Follow the instructions on the manual when purchasing.For fickle people, these structures are also easy to adjust from your previous favorite position to your new ideas.Highly customizable!Second, since the lighting structure is located in a central position, it saves space when it comes to the same amount of light.Third, cost.efficient.According to the United StatesThis kitchen lighting solution is based on the LED lighting blog and can save you up to 70 electricity bills80%.Under the cabinetPhoto provided by family sweet home via pinterest, there is a simple explanation why some of our friends put the lights under the cabinets.Depending on your position, your body and other structures usually block the light that shines directly above us.You don't want to work in dim shadows, the right benefits of this modern kitchen lighting concept are easy to enumerate.It is unique and complex, providing more space, simple installation, energy saving and high cost-effectiveness.Kitchen lighting equipment under cabinets is the best way to produce ambient lighting and helps create a romantic atmosphere.Choosing the right color in the right place with the right brightness is the success or failure of your dinner date.Even if you are alone, it is still advantageous to place the light under the cabinet as it breathes the feeling of comfort, peace and relaxation.The photos are provided by Maria O'Shea via PinterestHave, and you see that your neighbor's kitchen has light from a hole in the ceiling, focusing down like a spotlight?This is what we call embedded lighting or simple downlights.For those with small kitchen space, recessed lighting creates the illusion of space.Its soft and subtle light blurs the boundaries of the room, which makes the room bigger than it actually is.The ceiling also looks high.If you have a painting or family portrait in your kitchen that you want to highlight, you can create a soft flow from the side of the object.The light will invite you to take a look at the object.Since the lights in this technique are hidden, your attention will not be drawn in.There is no need to fix recessed walls and ceiling lamps directly from wall pegs.They float with little support.This will make the structure of your house lighter.In addition, insert lights are more effective.Without the use of eye-catching fixtures, embedded fixtures can give you a clearer view of what you are doing.If you spend more time in the kitchen, such as reading while waiting for the dish sim, this is your lighting technique.Choosing better bulbs through pinterest, kitchen lighting design tips are also key.Depending on your priorities, here are tips for the type of bulb you should purchase to illuminate your home or apartment.General Lighting-standard reflector-Type flood light projects a beam of about 70 degrees for a particular task-the spotlight limits the beam propagation to about 20 degrees, and the narrow spotlight bulb can reduce the beam propagation to 12 degree Recessed bright is perfect for embedded lighting-the reflector bulb is perfect for this task, because the standard bulb can only provide a small part of the Light Photo of Bridgette Peron through PinterestSo, what is the use of the switch?You might want to know why complex houses keep a lot of light switches for one room.They're not here to confuse us.Interior designers divide kitchen lighting design into three categories: general lighting for overall lighting, task lighting for specific lighting for more detailed tasks, and key lighting for setting glass moodFront cabinets and other structures in the kitchen.The dimmer switch can play all the magic because it allows you to choose the amount of light you want.The secret is to have you install the bulb with the highest wattage, and you can make adjustments later depending on your activity requirements.Your kitchen may not have the most expensive thing, but with the right lighting technology, the most practical space in your house can get the most desired look.So far, you should be able to determine the importance of proper kitchen lighting.So, let's have light!
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