kitchen island lighting wood counter tops, a reliable choice for the modern kitchens.

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-21

Wooden countertops are once again popular in modern kitchens.We now know that wooden countertops are durable and hygienic under proper care.The modern adhesive is strong enough to keep the sticks glued together even if the butcher block is submerged in the water.Finishing oil (mineral oil) is safe to contact with food and can protect the surface of the wood.The wooden top has a warm, relaxing feel and is a natural addition to any solid wood or veneer cabinet.The wooden countertops will be perfectly combined with hardwood floors, styling, cornice and Mantel to give a real sense of balance to your kitchen space.The top of the hardwood floor is easy to cut into a template, and it is easier to install.Unlike solid surfaces or laminated materials, the wood top has the least amount of chemical composition, which makes them very safe when in contact with food.Unlike other countertop materials, any scratches that appear can be easily removed by polishing the area;The wooden top is actually the only known surface that can be updated without using special tools or without the need for special skills.Hardwood floors can be used as the top of the kitchen island, the inserted sink cover, the countertop section, or as a butcher block hidden under the countertop, as a drawer or trolley.Your imagination will surely find many other interesting, visually appealing applications.If properly sealed and installed, the top of the wood can last a lifetime.Unlike marble, granite, or ceramic tiles, the wooden top has a great shock absorption capability, which further guarantees a considerable life span.For decades, plastic and laminated surfaces have beenFor applications such as cut meat or cut vegetables, the porous structure is considered to be much safer than wood.This wood is considered to be an ideal surface for the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella, Staphylococcus, or E. coli due to its porosity.However, a study conducted in 1993 by a microbiology scientist at the Wisconsin Food Institute and another study conducted in 1998 at the University of Florida found the strong antimicrobial properties shown on the wood surface, there seems to be no other characteristic of the cutting surface.According to these studies and other subsequent studies, on the surface of the wood, the bacterial population disappeared quickly without external intervention, while on the surface of the plastic, the bacterial population continued to exist and actually multiply.Although these properties vary depending on the type of wood, the wood cut surface is increasingly accepted as the first choice for healthConscious IndividualThe price of hardwood floors is usually higher than that of laminate, but much lower than that of stone, granite, solid surfaces, tiles or steel.The butcher block countertops offered by Lafor Wood products include mountain-haired trees, cherries, walnuts, oak, white Wood (the appearance of mountain walnut Wood), Acacia (black locust) or hard maple of various sizes and grades.Mineral water is supplied free of charge at the time of purchase, helping to complete and save the meat pieces.They provide free samples of the butcher's block and supply them immediately.Details at www.lafor.
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