indoor lighting Can I Leave My Boston Fern Outside If it Is 46 Degrees?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-16
indoor lighting Can I Leave My Boston Fern Outside If it Is 46 Degrees?
Although the Boston fern (nephrothenis exaltata) is also known as the sword fern, it can grow outdoors in the United StatesS.Department of Agriculture Plant resistance area 8b to 12.Boston ferns are sensitive to a certain amount of cold and heat that affects their growth.Ferns grow best outdoors, placed in a part of the Sun to a cool place, placed indoors in direct sunlight.Because the Hastings ferns are tropical, they can't stand the cold temperatures.The best front-end growth occurs when the night temperature is not less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.Because the roots of potted Boston fern plants are less protective of the cold than the plants in the field, when the temperature drops to 62 degrees at night, potted Boston fern plants need to be placed indoors, otherwise they will be destroyed by the cold.The Boston fern planted underground can survive at temperatures as low as 30 degrees.It is necessary to withstand both high temperatures and cold.Wild Boston fern grows at the bottom of the forest under a dense tropical canopy.Because the trees cover the sun, the place where the Boston fern grows is cool.When the temperature during the day is not higher than 75 degrees and the temperature at night is not higher than 65 degrees, they grow best.A temperature of 95 degrees or higher will kill a Boston fern.Outside, they should be placed in sheltered places where the temperature is constant.A shady bush grown by a Boston fern should be reproduced.The lighting in the room is sufficient, and the Boston fern plants will be happy.While most of the yards do not have the dense trees preferred by the Boston fern, the covered porch provides the right light.If there is no porch, please make sure that the Boston fern plants will be exposed to light but will be protected by lightloving plants.Viewing the screen is an attractive way to protect the outdoor Boston fern.The Tropical Forest has high humidity, cool temperature and diffuse light.The indoor air is too dry for the Boston fern to thrive.Spray treatment of ferns every day can temporarily replenish water, but it will not last too long.Placing a humidifier in a room with a Boston fern is a great solution.To increase humidity only around ferns or around outdoor ferns, place the pan on a tray or tea tray filled with pebbles.Adding water to this tray and keeping at least 1/4 of the water at all times increases the humidity of the air around the Boston fern.
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