how to make a chandelier How to Rewire a Chandelier to a Plug-In

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Rewire a Chandelier to a Plug-In
Like any other electrical fixture, the chandelier will have wires, neutral wires, and ground wires if it is a more modern chandelier.For the convenience of connecting them together, the color of each wire is different.For example, the common color today is the black of the hot wire and the white of the neutral wire.However, antique chandeliers may have a black hot cloth cover and a brown neutral cloth cover.Matching like-Color wires are critical to successfully connecting the chandelier to the plugin.Turn off the power supply of the fixture at the circuit breaker box.Remove the chandelier from the ceiling if applicable.Unscrew the fixing nut on the canopy and let the chandelier loose.Turn on the wall switch that powers the chandelier, with non-Contact Voltage tester.If the circuit breaker is off and there is still a power supply on the chandelier, please do not try to disassemble it.Ask a professional electrician to solve this problem.After the power is cut, pull out the wires and unscrew the wire nuts that hold them together.If applicable, screw down the ground wire on the mounting strap with a screwdriver, then screw down the mounting strap and drop the chandelier.Separate the wires with the color of the sheath.If the bare wire is not visible, remove about 1/2 of the sheath from The Wire.Match the light line to the type of the hanging light line.There are only two kinds of wires for most old chandeliers: hot wire and neutral wire.Modern chandelier will have 3-Wire setup: hot wire, neutral wire and green ground wire.Choose a light line that fits your wiring style as it will now plug into the wall socket so it will take long enough to arrive.Peel the end of the wire off the line of the lamp in order to display the bare wire of 1/2.Connect the wire together with the wire nut.The hot wire is connected to the hot wire, the neutral wire is connected to the neutral wire, and the green ground wire is connected to the hot wire.Depending on what type of light line you have, the neutral wire is either white, or a white strip that extends along the side, or is ribbed.Connect the plug to the end of the light line.If only two-Wire settings, you can slide unstripped wires into quickConnect the plug and clip in place.If it's threeWire setup, you need a plug that can hold the ground wire.These are two-Part of the plug: unscrew the top and remove it;The plug body slides over the wire.Unscrew the terminal screw, connect the neutral line to the silver column, the hot wire to the gold column, and the Green Line to the green column.Before wrapping each exotic wire around the terminals, wrap them in braids.Tighten the terminals, push the top together with the plug body and screw them together.If applicable, reconnect the chandelier to the original ceiling bracket.You don't need to connect the wires.Put the canopy back on the fixing screw and screw the fixing nut onto the canopy.
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