how to make a chandelier How to Make Twig Chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-18
how to make a chandelier How to Make Twig Chandeliers
While it sounds like a craft project for a summer camp, the chandelier is nothing but untidy or amateur.This attention when created carefullyIn any case decoration, catching the light fixtures will bring charm and stylish atmosphere to almost any room.If you have a space that requires focus, hanging a branch chandelier is a costAn efficient statement, whether at the table, at the entrance or on the kitchen island side, increases interest in any environment.Ready chandelierIf it's already installed in your house, take it down before you start any work.If this cannot be done, power it off.Remove the bulb from the lamp if necessary.Clean the chandelier and make sure it is free of dust or sundries.Clean your branches and make sure they are free of dirt, leaves and other debris.Choose long, thin branches, such as crepes, Myrtle, or willow trees, and cover the chandelier.By going each branch down through the top of the lamp, apply them vertically around the center axis.Stick each one on the chandelier with hot glue.Once the branches are connected to the fixture, wrap them with a hemp rope if needed to increase safety.Let the end of the branch hang below the bottom of the chandelier.Cover the armrest of the chandelier.Using the already connected branches, pull several ends onto a bulb socket and attach them with glue or hemp thread at the bottom of the socket.Do this for each arm of the fixture, use as many branches as you need to achieve the ideal fullness of the chandelier.If needed, hang some branches in the middle in order to increase interest when the light hangs from the ceiling.Fill the gap between the branches.After completing all the arms of the chandelier, cover any exposed part of the fixture using the remaining branches.Short and thick branches work best.Connect them with hot glue, then wrap them up with a hemp rope and fix them in place.Spray-Paint the finished project and unify all the elements of the chandelier.Hang the Chandelier on a low, sturdy branch outside, allowing you to easily draw around the chandelier.Before painting, tape each bulb socket to prevent paint from entering.Change the bulb when the chandelier is dry.
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