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Ratchet handles and socket sets such as Sears Craftsman 1/2-Inch ratchet set for home and car projects.Different from the traditional, openEnd wrench with correct ratchet handle-The size socket allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the bolts by simply pumping your wrist.Ratchets rarely take a break, but if they do, it's usually a failure in spring --The loading ball inside the ratchet socket holder for securing the socket in place.Purchase craftsman repair kit compatible with 1/2Inch craftsman ratchet handle.These kits can be purchased either in the tool store or online.Use a crowing tool or knife blade to pry open the cover at the back of the wheel head.This will expose the internal work of the ratchet.Remove the circular spring connector of the ratchet with a needle-nose pliers.Insert each claw of the pliers into the holes at both ends of the spring connector ring, then squeeze until the ring pops up from the wheel head.1 Remove the spring connector and pull the wheel head assembly out of the wheel head.Replace the damaged part of the ratchet with the corresponding part in the ratchet repair kit.The repair kit contains a replacement for each working part of the ratchet.If the ball inside the socket holder fails, please replace it.Please replace the ratchet wheel if it fails.Put the internal working style of the ratchet back into the head of the Ratchet and test the ratchet to make sure it works properly.With a needle-Clamp, snap the spring connector back into place.Press the back cover back into place.
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