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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-20

Cone-The shape of the Vine will make your home look elegant.Country style decorFind trees with traditional Christmas tree items such as lights and decorations to create a home decoration for the festival.Vine Tree will inject artistic flavor into your holiday decoration scheme and is a creative alternative to traditional artificial Christmas trees.The vine is available in a variety of sizes and can be used to strengthen the table and table top, shelf, porch and entrance.Decorate the vines with mini string lights.Choose multi-Color lights or single-tone lights designed for a vibrant look, such as blue, white or green, to complement a specific color scheme.Start at the bottom and wrap the lights around the tree in a circular way until you reach the top.To be safe, insert the string of lights into the vines.Wrap a small piece of wire at the place where the rope starts and stops, such as a decorative hook, to secure the end in place.Between a string of lights, a wreath is attached to the tree.Use a wreath made of artificial pink or white feathers to feel the charm.Choose a traditional gold or silver gold foil wreath to create a festive atmosphere.Fix the end of the wreath on the tree with small wires..Decorate the Christmas tree with decorations and other decorations.Attach colored birds of wired feet to trees to create natureinspired look.Hang mini ball-Ornaments in the shape of silver and gold, using wire hooks.Slide the decorative ribbons on the vines and tie them to the decorative bows.Enhance the vine with toppings.Choose a traditional cone hatThe base of the shape, will be firmly placed on the top of the tree.Pick a shining star, snowflake or AngelA bird, a classic style shape topperComplete a natural theme, or a snowman --Inspired version, add a hint of whimsy.
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